Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Work in Progress Wednesday - Pinata Party

Have you missed me? I'm in Birmingham this week learning about the Prostitcher and Art n Stitch software for my Handiquilter machine. This is one of two courses I've booked for this summer. I was looking at booking to go to the Festival of Quilts, but just the return leg of the flight was over £200 and there were no classes that I was desperate to take. Hotels are also over £100 a night and in Birmingham I'm paying just £35 per night, so I made the decision not to go. The only thing I'll miss is not meeting up with stitchy friends.
On Saturday I decided to spent most of the day doing cross stitch. I had lots of other things I could have been doing like loading a customer quilt, tidying my craft room, but no I decided to work on this cross stitch that I planned to take to Birmingham with me. The pattern is by Frosted Pumpkin and is called PiƱata Party from their Pen Pals series. There are seven or eight so far, with only six being available online. I believe two were special editions for shows but will be available in the future.

And it's finished. I decided to use colours from my stash ad the yellow would have been better in a deeper shade. I substituted the silver too for a grey as I can't work with metallic embroidery threads. I love the turquoise border and will use a coloured border on future items from the series. I have almost finished the Valentine themed Pen Pal and I'm not liking the white border. That's probably why I haven't finished it. However the Valentine Pen Pal is being taken on my trip along with the Ice Cream, You Scream Pen Pal which I also worked on over the weekend.

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