Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday sewing

Another FQR project has been dug out of my stuff to be worked on. This was taught by Amy Smart and is from her book Fabulously Fast Quilts.

I was frustrated by my lack of progress during the class as I struggled to get the unfamiliar sewing machine to sew properly. I then changed machines and found sewing a quarter inch seam a struggle too. Hopefully I can "fix" any differences in block sizes as I go along.

I pulled out a jelly roll by Sweetwater for Moda and took out the predominantly red strips. I then stepped out of my comfort zone of white background fabrics and chose this spotty fabric by Makower. It looks very odd in the first photo, but the close up shows it's just a regular spotty fabric. I have all of the strip sets sewn together. Tomorrow's task is to sub cut the strips into 2.5" chunks whilst my long arm does its thing. I'd like to finish this quilt for Matthew to take to Uni at the end of September. Hmm, a tad ambitious perhaps? I plan to use the 22 leftover strips to make the border and binding if possible.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

No trip to Sark today

After I dashed to the shops at 7.30 am to buy milk and juice, I returned to a text to say the forecast was dodgy with the wind pushing 17 knots and a 6ft swell. Not ideal for a 12 seater RIB. Never mind, we all have an extra day to do stuff - Nick is cleaning the garage, Matthew is shortening his shower curtain and I've finished a FQR 2014 project.

When I saw the details of this class with Brioni, I picked out colours to go with our kitchen. On my return Lizzie said it was perfect for the kitchen. The reds are just scraps from my scrap bags as were the black half square triangles.

At The Festival of Quilts I bought some of this franked fabric in black and having used the white version on the front, I thought this was perfect for the back. I quilted half inch straight lines on the back of the cushion. On the front I did blanket stitch around the petals, quilted the seam between the four flowers and around the black border.

I did consider doing a scrappy red binding, but soon found the remainder of the red dot fabric from another, as yet unfinished project from FQR. The binding was soon on, and stuck down with quarter inch seam a seam tape on the reverse, a couple of rows of straight stitching on the front and then a decorative feather stitch on the front and it's finished. well all apart from one press stud which is half done. I was going to use a new pack of bigger studs but couldn't work out how to attach them so I need to order some more from Amazon.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Moda Modern Building Blocks

I spotted this quilt on the internet a few months ago and immediately started looking for a source to buy the pattern and found that you could pre-order it from Sew and Quilt. So I pre-ordered a copy for me and one for Jane (without telling Jane). However Jane asked me about two weeks ago where the pattern could be downloaded and I admitted to already having it on pre-order.

Fig Tree are also doing this as a Block of The Month using their own signature colours. In the UK Justine at Simply Solids is doing it as a Block of the Month using the original Bella Solids by Moda.
I understand the UK distributor was taking delivery of the patterns on Wednesday, so mine should be here next week. Happy dance. What do you think about doing this over the twelve months as a sew along? There are 48 blocks which makes for easy maths and I thought of breaking the blocks down into the seven sections shown in the Block assembly handout. I am going to start with blocks 1,5 and 6 to complete section B and block 4 from section D.
My colours:
Low volume for the backgrounds instead of eggshell
Modern fabrics in similar colours to the Bella solids
If you'd like to join in, come back on 15 September to share your fabric pull and on 1 October to share your first four blocks.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Siblings Together update

That's a relief, I found the wallet of blocks to add the two I received this week and I even found my own block. I believe I have two still to come. And the month isn't over yet. These girls are quick. Several, including me, have already done their September blocks.

Seeing these on my design wall I was wondering whether I needed to make some more blocks to make it square. However I moved Jane's green block and it looks better balanced.

Ladies have used lots of my favourite fabrics - text, Bonnie & Camille, pearl bracelets and more.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mani pouch

This pouch from the free Noodle head pattern at Robert Kaufman has been 90% made for about two months. As my mojo seems to be on holiday I've been attempting some easy finishes. This is one of my successes.

Pretty ribbon, I'm sure you realise that I added this to cover up a mistake. Practise using the Prym fasteners before using them on your finished article is all I'll say!!

This is designed as a manicure pouch but is best for flat bottles such as the Sephora polishes. It could also be used to hold four reels of cotton in the top section and scissors and needles in the zipped section. If you'd like to try your hand at Zippy pouches, Sirens WI have a zippy bag session on Saturday, 13th September at ST Saviour's Parish Hall. E-mail me if you'd like further details.
This was one of my Q3 finishes that I chose here -

Sunday, August 24, 2014

A bit more sewing

Mary is the Queen Bee over at Siblings Together for September. She drew up this plan for her quilt for the charity in Touchdraw. I've done the Touchdraw session at FQR twice and still haven't used it. I like the free Quilt assistant programme for block drawing, so haven't pushed myself to use Touchdraw.
I found a great blue fabric immediately and set about cutting, oops I cut it 6" wide and not 6.5", so I dived into my purchases from Festival of Quilts for this great honeycomb print and also the spectacles. This quilt is designed for a boy, so I hope my choices are okay.
Don't forget if you'd like to participate in one of these bees, Siblings Together 2 are looking for two new additions to their group.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

A little bit of stitching

Jane was the Bee Mama for the Siblings Together Quilt Bee for July and has received all of her blocks back. Her dilemma was whether to include two blocks on the reverse or make three more to make a quilt 6 blocks by 5 blocks. Both Jo and I offered to make an extra block so here is mine. Her blocks so far look great.
If anyone would like to join the Siblings Together 2 bee, we are looking for two extra ladies and we will be working from stash. Visit the Flickr pool for an idea of what was made in 2013/14. The blocks tend to be a quick make and can be sewn along with a bigger project.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A start and a finish

I know I didn't need to start another cross stitch pattern, but I bought this whilst on holiday and sourced the threads at the Festival of Quilts. I was even recommended to buy a larger needle to solve my problems with metallic threads. It's official I am not going to work with metallics again. I hate the way they look and feel.

This pattern is from The Frosted Pumpkins and is called The Bee Keeper.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Stash Bee blocks August 2014

Nancy was very kind to us for August and requested a 12" churn dash block. Her instructions were:

Churn Dash Fabric Color:  greens, green to greenish blues, or teals (no neons please)
Background Fabric: neutrals, low volume prints, except bright whites or bright white on whites. Text prints welcome!
*Please have the middle square be the same as the background neutral fabric.
The tutorial is from A Quilting Life. I love the churn dash pattern and made some mini quilts for the sample swap at retreat using a nested churn dash pattern.

I broke out my newest fabrics which had been put away tidily. The background is by Art Gallery Fabric and the teal is Bike Tracks by Alison Glass. I bought a couple of yards of the White on White Bike Tracks at festival of quilts for only £6 per metre.

Same background but this time paired with Cotton and Steel purchased from Simply Solids.

I hope Nancy likes the blocks which I will mail out tomorrow.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Rainbow log cabin blocks

Sorry to have been away so long on a two week cruise and then a few days at the Festival of Quilts and then caching around the West Midlands. I arrived home on Tuesday but have been licking my wounds as my right shoulder was so painful - even getting dressed
was excruciating.  So I've been resting up and it has improved with regular applications of a freezing gel given to me by Chris.
I have little to show from the last few weeks, but I am bee mama for the Siblings Together quilt group for August and I have received seven blocks already - some in person at the FoQ which was lovely and some in the post.
I am loving the rainbow look at the moment. Jojo was kind enough to let me know that the photo of the rainbow quilt I donated at this year's FQR in London was the most favourited photo of the event.  I was so chuffed. Here's a photo that I took of the quilt before going to retreat.


Friday, August 08, 2014

August 2014 Bumbling Honeys block

The other Sue B handed Carol and I our packets of fabric goodness at the FQR retreat to save on postage. Clever girl. She was very kind to us and had cut everything out to make and an A and a B block for a "scrap vomit" quilt a la Quilt Monkey.

This block has a diamond in the centre of the black and turquoise which pulls the whole quilt together.

The alternate block is just random squares. Honestly my block is not as peculiarly shaped as it would appear in the photo.

Here they are together. By now they should be in Sue's mail box as I was able to make these before leaving for holiday.

Friday, August 01, 2014

August Siblings Together block

I am the bee mama for the Siblings Together Quilt Bee for August and have requested one 14.5" unfinished log cabin block in shades of one colour (eg red OR yellow OR blue). I love how my ST rainbow stars quilt looked and I'd like to do something similar for 2015

Start with a 2.5" square for the centre and add three rounds of 2.5" strips. Please add the strips so they increase in size in a clockwise direction. Having done another scrap strip swap at FQR, I'm looking forward to selecting some fun, bright prints from my boxes and adding some scraps from my stash too.

You will need to cut:
2    2.5" squares
2   2.5" x 4.5" rectangles
2   2.5" x 6.5" rectangles
2   2.5" x 8.5" rectangles
2   2.5" x 10.5" rectangles
2   2.5" x 12.5" rectangles
1   2.5" x 14.5" rectangles

 A tip - if after the first round you forget where to sew the next strip, it's always the side which has two seams running into it