Friday, November 30, 2012

Another 241 bag

Love them.

Some linen, Momo and Summersville. Heavy iron on interfacing in the handle is the way to go.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

You gonna probe me?

I've got as far as I can with the Paul pixel pattern. I now have to wait for my thread order to come from Ebay. 90p in our local shop and 45 p including postage from Ebay. Will my patience last or will I cave and pop into Imagination tomorrow and buy the skin and hair colours?

I also need to look for some denim to make the embroidery into something. Perhaps I need to visit a few charity shops tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pixel people

Nicole of Follow the white bunny has a giveaway on her blog today.

Yesterday Nicole had an interview with the couple behind Wee Little Stitches and it got me thinking. I have bought two of their patterns today and one is going to be an advent gift to Lizzie, my 14 year old geek, who is constantly saying that she is bored. Most of the embroideries are postcard sized so achievable in a short time. Lizzie has a picture frame to fill with photos and I could see a couple of these sweet embroideries interspersed with the photos. So look out for her Big Bang Theory cross stitch later this month.

And if you go over to Kitschy Digitals you can pick up a free Wee Little Stitches pattern to try out. This pattern comes with a stitching chart and DMC and Anchor numbers so I plan to stitch this up to make a needle case for Lizzie as another advent gift to provide some variety along with the expected chocolates. Lizzie has a 45 minute French lesson in town later so I've added the pattern to my shopping list and will stop at Needle treasures to pick up the threads and Aida.

Bee in my Bonnet row one

I cut the remaining squares of fabric for row one of the row along last night. This meant it was a quick finish this morning as all the prep had been done.

So I have now finished Rows 1, 2 and 3 in the space of three days. I'm not sure which row to do next as I am still waiting for my bundles of fabric to arrive which I had planned to add to the fabric I've already used. Row 6 –  cups looks easy as it is only seven blocks to make and you can use a bigger print for the block.

Whilst waiting for my new fabric I think I will print out the instructions to the remaining four rows ready to go.

Jenny gave me this lovely box last Christmas. However I haven't decided until this morning what to put in it.

As I continue to tidy my workroom, I came across more Presencia threads. More than I can fit into my current storage box so I have moved them to this lovely box. Don't they look pretty. I see there are still a few spaces left in the box so perhaps I need to buy a few more.

Next job is ironing and then paying bills and reconcilling bank accounts and other thrilling jobs that I have put off for several weeks.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New blog banner

I know it's not rocket science but I've designed myself a new blog banner using Picasa collage feature and added the text in PSE.

Now that I know how to do it, I can change it as I finish projects. Now I want to replace the little B sign next to the URL with a picture. I know I have the instructions somewhere.

Upadte - I changed the flavicon, see the little picture next to the URL. So chuffed.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Bee in my Bonnet row along

At Sunday's UFO day I also managed to complete row three of the row along and this row is called chubby chevrons. I have some strips of background fabric to add to both rows two and three and I'll do that when I have caught up with all seven rows published so far.

Here are rows two and three together.

Once my new fabrics have arrived I'm hoping to get row four sewn which is called apples.


The postman has just forced a parcel from Florence through the letter box. The parcel contained my mini quilt swap and some extra goodies.

I think Lizzie might claim the Eiffel Tower key ring.

The mini quilt is now hanging in pride of place in front of the fireplace. This is our first Christmas item to go on display this year.

Florence has judged my tastes well with stitchery and Tilda fabrics. Thank you Florence.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bee in my Bonnet row along

Sunday was Caesarea Quilters UFO day. This happens every last Sunday of the month apart from August and December. Mine was less of a UFO day and more of a starting yet another project day. I decided to start doing some of the rows for the Bee in my Bonnet Row along. Here is the first row which happens to be Row Two. So far seven rows have been revealed.

My fabrics include favourites from Bonnie and Camille, Aneela Hoey and a few other prints thrown in. I thought that the pinks and blues of Sew Stitchy by Aneela would fit in with the colours I'd chosen however the pink is too bubblegum pink and the blue isn't turquoise enough for most of the prints. However I have used this pin print. The butterfly bodies are Kona cotton.

I am going to prepare the squares for row one this evening ready to sew along with Row three which is chubby chevrons. I am also waiting for some Lori Holt fabric and Marmalade to be delivered this week which I also hope to incorporate. The red fabric above is the lining for my latest 241 bag.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

A preview

More on this quilt later next week.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday

In the US today is known as Black Friday - a day for sales, pushing and shoving and bad manners by all accounts. Fortunately we can beenfit from the sales without having to get out of our pyjamas.

I hear that Justine of SImply Solids has 15% of all orders Friday through to Monday using code turkey on checkout.

Simply Solids

And now I know why the Fat Quarter Shop were so keen to get my order out with a 20% coupon, there's now a 25% off coupon.

My order might arrive with some Bonnie & Camille Marmalade and Lori Holt's Polka Dot Stitches, ready to join in Lori Holt's Bee in My Bonnet Row Along. If my new fabrics arrive I might even take row seven to our UFO day on Sunday. I'm planning to mix them with my already large stash of Bonnie & Camille fabrics used for my Farmer's Wife quilt as I've now finished pieceing the blocks. I can't believe it's already the end of November. Before starting anything new I need to finish a pattern for Justine at Simply Solids.

So for Sunday's UFO day, I think I'll take along:
241 tote unless I finish it tomorrow
Farmer's Wife Quilt
Row seven of the Row along if my Fat Quarter shop order arrives today (no post on a Saturday)
Fat Quarterly tree skirt if my new fabric doesn't arrive

So for our UFO day I think I'll take

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Spotty mail

I won a £10 voucher from The Village haberdashery which I used to purchase two red fabrics to audition for linings for another 241 bag. ThIs happy mail arrived yesterday and packaged in the lovely spotty mail bag. I'm loving the coloured bags that many shops are now using. And I recycle them by using them to send off bee blocks. Not only are the bags lighter and thinner they are also beautiful.

I hadn't realised until last night that this Sunday is the last Sunday of the month. That means it's Caesarea quilters' UFO day. I'm not sure what to take perhaps I'll finish my 241 bag or perhaps start my tree skirt using a fat quarterly pattern from the magazine from 2010 I think.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Another FNSI finish

Whilst tidying my sewing room yesterday I came across this mini quilt which was almost finished. Having finished the blocks I planned to sew last night I decided to finish this mini quilt. All that needed to be done was to quilt around the letters and the bug, embroider the antennae and sew up the gap at the bottom of the mini quilt.

Having taken the Christmas mini quilt off the stand to take this photo, I think it is time to post it to its recipient. The deadline is 25th November so it should get there in time.

Friday, November 16, 2012

JoJo's grandaddy blocks

JoJo made a call out to both the Bumble and Honey bees for a block she'd designed which started as a trip around the world block. I'd finished my November bee blocks and we are having December off so I said yes. This parcel arrived on Wednesday and I told JoJo I'd make my blocks as part of FNSI. In the end I couldn't resist and made two blocks with the grey background fabric  provided on Wednesday. It's then taken two days to start tidying my sewing room and discover the pack of Kona blues and greys in the place I thought they were but couldn't see on Wednesday and Thursday. So I have made five more blocks today as part of FNSI.

 So first of all I drew up a diagram of the block in QuiltAssistant as a visual for me, printed it off and scribbled down the cutting directions to remind me what I needed to cut.

You need to cut for each 10.5" (unfinished) block:
Background - Four 4.5" by 2.5" rectangles and four 2.5" squares
Fabric A - One 2.5" square
Fabrics B, C & D - four 2.5" squares

I was able to cut five blocks from one fat quarter of the Kona grey.

Then I lay out the pieces on my design boards see Lori holt's blog for instructions.

Then sew the pieces into five rows and press. I pressed open but to one side would also work, it's a personal preference.

Then back onto the design board before pinning and sewing the rows into the final block.

I admire the members of our bees who can combine an eclectic mix of fabrics so skillfully. I added the pink stripe to the fabric provided and the purple outside squares from some scraps from another project which will be revealed at the end of November. I hope my additions meet with Jo's approval.

I particularly like the white script and tape measure fabrics and can't wait to get these in the post tomorrow so JoJo can start putting the quilt together.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Harrison's quilt

I finished this quilt yesterday for Christine. I used the tickle pantograph in a blue thread and I think Christine has made a beautiful job of this quilt.

Just one more customer quilt to finish and then I can send my touch screen computer back to the manufacturer for fixing.

In the post today

A lovely parcel of fabric goodness arrived from JoJo this morning. Some of us have finished our bee commitments for 2012 so we have agreed to make some extra blocks as a comfort quilt for one of JoJo's friends. The block JoJo has chosen is sort of a variation on the granny square block. The backgrounds are in grey with a cross in the middle.

I will sew mine on Friday evening as part of the Friday night sew in group.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

UR Priceless blog hop

Welcome to day 7 of the UR priceless blog hop - I'm here to show you the coin purse I made from the pattern provided and now available for sale here.

I decided to make a coin purse to go with the 241 tote that I completed 10 days ago.

The outside of the purse is an Echino linen print and Essex linen. It was suggested to sew the frame in using Presencia 8 which I was pleased to have in hand in the right colour.

The interior is a map print called Centre City - Los Angeles in Downtown. I purchased the sew in purse frame from a Hong Kong Ebay seller. I don't know how they manage to do free post, cheap prices and a free gift of some bag feet.

Come back on Wednesday for another completed purse which I was unable to complete in time. However you can also visit the other blog hoppers for today for more inspiring projects:

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Michelle's first quilt

Simply lovely. Michelle has been very patient as I've been delayed in finishing this due to two consecutive weeks of half term, a cold that lasted for ten days and a few machine problems.

Thread is white line king tut
Pantograph is popcorn

Now to load another quilt ready to quilt on Sunday.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012


At the Saturday workshop I also made another 241 bag. Using an echino bicycle print in pink (Eternal maker) paired with the natural Essex Linen (Village Haberdashery) I added a drak grey / black accent print and a fun city map print for the interior also in pink and also from the Village Haberdashery.

All of the fabrics were purchased whilst at the Alexandra Palace Knitting and Stitching Show with Claire. I used heavy woven interfacing to give body. For my first 241 bag I used wadding to firm up the strap but for this one I used a strip of the linen with the interfacing. it has a lovely firm but flexible feel due to the four layers of fabric and interfacing.

I have one more set of fabrics that I bought for another 241 bag, but I must start a project for Simply Solids which has a deadline of the end of November which seemed so far waya a few weeks ago. :)

And there is a connection between my 241 bag and this blog hop, which you'll have to come back on 13 November to see.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Christmas mini quilt

On Saturday our W I had a bagmaking workshop. I was there just to help and took a few projects along to work on. The first project was to finish the Christmas mini quilt for the swap I am in. I had tea dyed a strip of lace which I then decided not to add. Having quilted the quilt with a big stitch, I decided to change my mind and added the dyed lace to the bottom.

I adapted a pattern from Christmas 2011 by Anni Downs I made just a few alterations - the mini quilt needed to be a 12" square so I made the quilt wider. My French knots need practice so I chickened out and used hot fix crystals to replace the knots on the tree under the house and the stars on the trees were replaced with larger red crystals.

I hope my swap partner likes what Ive made. The ladies at the class were very complimentary about the mini quilt, I hope they weren't just being polite. :)

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Friday night in with friends

I eventually made a decision as to what to sew to coincide with Friday night in with friends. I chose the X and O blocks for Carol our honeybee host for November. The blocks went together really quickly and I would've continued making more blocks but I ran out of the shot cottons that Carol had chosen for the central cross.

Don't the blocks look lovely.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

November UFO

A successful October with my UFO finished - Vintage Holiday quilt.

Full details of this quilt this can be found here

And this month Judy has chosen: #9 which happens to be my Live Laugh Stitchery. That happens to be on my messy table so I don't have to locate it and hopefully it will be worked on and possibly completed this month.

This is my progress so far this year:
1. blue and cream stars - finished for February

2. Jan Krentz difficult quilt - Summer salsa lone star
3. rainbow squares - finished in Septeber
4. Heart stitchery
5. Disappearing nine patch - finished for January
6. Swoon finished in May
7. Modern V meets Thimbleberries scraps
8. Christmas table runner
9. Love laugh live stitchery
10. accuquilt feathered applique
11. Fat Quarter stars - just making some setting blocks
13. Vintage holiday finished in September

I'm not sure what number is left for December - possibly 4?? I'd better not work on that one this month as it's almost finished just an hour of sticthing left, add some borders, add the crystals to replace the french knots and mount on a canvas.

Friday Night with Friends

Friday Night with Friends has been launched to add to your Friday night sewing experience. FNSI is very popular so Chryll has launched FNwF. Do come and join us at

The first event is tomorrow night. All I have to do on my Christmas mini is sew on some lace and affix the crystals I've ordered. What should I do tomorrow? Some stitchery, my Hugs tapestry, start the new project for Simply Solids? I should decide today and prep tomorrow morning.

I have to take back my low expectations for our darts evening. All of the Sirens Six did well. Three won through to the second round, Michelle and Chirstine got through to the third round and Christine was a runner up overall with medal and trophy.