Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wow what a crop

I have to admit to being more than a little nervous when Liz, Joanne and I set the challenges for today's Christmas crop. Forty two layous plus some more in Christine's bag were created and most of those layouts fit at least one challenge. Here are the four layouts I made.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Crafty Sunday

Whilst Matthew is at ATC, I've had some time to do some crafting which needs to get finished this week:
* First I sewed the borders onto a baby quilt for one of Nick's colleagues. We are going to a housewarming next Sunday so I have a deadline. No backing big enough to fit the quilt so:
* Dyed a backing to match the quilt, dyed four T-shirts that Elizabeth and Matthew are tie dyeing, overdyed a bag I've made for a challenge. The colour was described as burlesque red but in actual fact it's a gorgeous purple, which I hope works well as I didn't like the colours of the bag originally. I'm going to let them set until tomorrow as Turquoise takes 24 hours for best effect and I can wash all of the projects together. The bag is for our quilting lunch on Wednesday - so another deadline!!
* For WI (tomorrow night) we have a competition and I usually forget to do anything for it. This month it's a place card - for which I've made the attached stack of presents with a tag. I used the Cricut tags Bags and more cart - thanks Lorraine for the loan. the idea came from a video on leah Fung's blog - see sidebar

Nick has gone to collect Matthew so I'm just blogging and cooking lunch. Elizabeth is making the dessert. Matthew has a short Big band performance at the Opera House this afternoon, so I may quickly go and buy one last present and pick up some photos for next weekend's crop.

Friday, December 05, 2008

The old ones are the best ones

Matthew's 13th birthday party is almost over. They watched Quantum of Solace, ate rubbish, enjoyed the chocolate fountain and finished the evening playing Crossfire. Ching made a layout of Matthew's ninth birthday, I think, and they played the game then. Mostly the same boys again, so I must print off a photo of both parties. The boys are definitely MUCH taller and smellier.

Poor Elizabeth spent some time at the dentist today under Nick's supervision. I haven't spoken to her yet as she's getting lots of attention sleeping over at Bronte's. We didn't want to risk her having dental problems whilst we are on holiday so she has had some of the nerve removed and a filling poor thing.

What have I Done?

I had a call from the Weakest Link to ask me to keep 2 February free. They'll confirm next week whether I am needed on that date.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Countdown to the Christmas crop

Less than two weeks to the Christmas crop and we have some special fun and Christmas giveaways for you. To win extra tickets for the draws you can participate in one or more of our challenges:

1. Joanne’s sketch challenge – uses five portrait orientated photos – 1 4 by 6 and 4 smaller photos. Uses scraps of patterned papers 5 extra tickets for participants

2. Completed layouts 1 extra ticket for each layout

3. Product challenge 1 extra ticket you will be given the product when you arrive (and it's gorgeous, I might keep them myself)

4. Packaging challenge use the packaging from one of our prizes in a layout or card 2 extra tickets

5. Sue’s Inspiration / sketch challenge Original layout uses two 6 by 4 landscape orientated photos, but you could also use one large portrait photo too. Circle punches and buttons might be useful

6. Liz’s challenge 5 extra tickets for participants – details to follow

So pack some extra photos in your crop bag and be prepared for fun, participation is entirely optional but there are some lovely prizes – some of which are new products to me. Everyone will get two tickets just for being there. Gingerbread muffins are in the freezer, so the countdown has begun.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Last Blues Brothers post

Well at least for this year. The show was brilliant, I had no idea what to expect. A minor blip in that I hadn't made it clear to Joanne where the show was being held. She was at the Opera House and we were at Fort regent. Joanne made it to her seat with two minutes to spare, both amazing and worrying!!

The school band have been asked to perform again next year and also do four numbers. They have been renamed the Black Rhino Orchestra. They got a good write up in the local paper too. I would recommend seeing the show next year.

Time to get ready to go and see Beaulieu Year 6 sing at the Soup Kitchen in the Royal Square. Elizabeth has raging toothache despite having a temporary filling put in yesterday so is not in the best of moods. However I have an appointment for a proper filling for her with my dentist tomorrow. I don't think toothache and Caribbean islands would be a good mix.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

More Blues Brothers

Well the day has arrived and in 30 minutes the Blues Brothers Xmas show will start with the Beaulieu and De la Salle Big Band doing two numbers to open the second half. here's a link to the local paper of a photo they published last week with Matthew in it. Can you spot him?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Getting ready for Christmas

At our quilting group which meets on a Wednesday we have two Christmas lunch traditions -
1. a handmade gift swap and
2. a challenge
I was feeling very pleased that I had finished my gift pictured here, when Matthew brought home a letter asking for us to make up a goody bag for a lady at the Jeanne Jugan residence. Another job to add to the list!! Fairy cakes are already baked for tomorrow's Beaulieu Xmas fayre and Elizabeth has just asked if she can test them - NOOOOOOOO was my immediate answer!!

I just need to find the pattern for my challenge item which I have started but mislaid the pattern for it. Just 10 days left to find the pattern and complete the bag.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Catching up

Here are a few layouts from the last two crops. The colours are a little poor but most of you have seen them in real life. The time for sax is a grey background but doesn't look like it. I must keep up and file these soon, as I reprinted the photos of Elizabeth playing her new sax because I had fogotten that I'd already scrapped them. Never mind I will file them a la Stacy Julian for use some time in the future.

I have added a blog list on Ching's recommendation which automatically tells you when the blog was last updated. Very clever and very useful

Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm back

Where from you may ask. For the last two weeks I've been focussing on finishing a quilt for a wedding gift for my best friend, Jean. The wedding was on Saturday at Hotel l'Horizon and I finished the quilt yesterday. I had it washed this morning to remove the markings and here it is. I need to add a label which is my job for tonight's Caesarea Quilters meeting and then wrap it and deliver it to Jean's home.

Today I've been working through my pile of piles and the desk is looking much clearer. I hav even photographed some layouts ready to show you tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Blues Brothers

Today has been quite busy with an audition for the weakest link this morning and this afternoon Matthew practiced with the Beaulieu & De la Salle Big Band after school. They practiced with the Blues Brother tribute act who are appearing at the Fort on 29 November. Excitingly the Big Band has been asked to open the second half of the show with two numbers, one of which is Johnnie Be Good. A photo or two may appear in the JEP as a photographer came and took a few photos. Other forthcoming preformances include the Fete de Noue.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Shaker card

Time to make a quick card this afternoon from the Ustamp class. I didn't have any microbeads so used some fine glitter, hero arts stamp and my new scallop punch.

Caesarea Quilters are celebrating their 10th birthday tonight with a talk by visiting quilter Anya Townrow followed by drinks and nibbles. Elizabeth is coming with me as she was about 10 days old when the inaugural meeting was held. Joanne was also at the inaugural meeting and her idea for a name of Crapaud Quilters didn't receive much support for some reason!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Another nice SU blog

I got some lovely SU goodies today. The stamps have been mounted and put back in their box whilst I tidy the office and catch up on my own bookkeeping. Another nice SU blog with a giveaway Japes

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stampin Up

I've joined the Ustamp holiday class and am loving the Stampin up scalloped punch. I came across this card set on Gadget Monkey's webiste which is lovely and you can win it. Go to purely stamping blog

I have made a lovely waterfall album from the Ustamp class which I'm hoping Elizabeth will choose the photos for and I can add a picture by the weekend.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Christmas card with a little help from my friends

Feeling a little sorry for myself as I have a stinking cold which ruined our weekend. Not well enough to go to work today, I have done some sewing and started planning my contribution to next Monday evening's WI Christmas Crafts. No matter that I keep telling the organiser I don't make cards, I still get roped in. I took my first effort to Lorraine's this morning and the resulting card as redesigned by Lorraine, Jenny and Jean, is finished. I now need to stamp and emboss enough baubles and backgrounds for 15 ladies. One job off my list, just need to buy some red card next. Thank you ladies for your input the card is much nicer than my prototype.

Friday, October 03, 2008

SU scallop instructions

I know some are impatiently awaiting their SU scalloped punch. Here is a turning the corner tutorial

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Yet another Egypt layout

Created from a sketch for the Scrapagogo 3rd birthday celebration. I completed a few more on holiday and will post those tomorrow.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

last minute again

I have eventually managed to print about 100 of Nick's photos that he scanned from slides so I have photos to take with me on holiday and scrap. I know that sounds like sacrilege, but Nick isn't a morning person at the best of times. Even on holiday I'm up at least an hour or two before him. This is the third year I've taken some scrapbooking, the first year I finished my Peru album and this time I'm hoping to finish my Egypt album. I don't think there are many pages to finish so I will take the album with me.

ALL I need to do now is to make up some page kits. I always procrastinate and avoid what I should be doing, so at the moment I'm blogging and downloading games onto my ipod touch. If I actually did what I need to I would be less stressed and ready to go!!

See you soon.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I just couldn't resist

My new Threading Water punch arrived today from America, just as they're starting to come back into stock in UK stores. Anyone who has one and wants to know how to turn the corner should watch this video on Youtube

So I did a layout today using some Scarlet Lime kit and my new punch. The layout is very loosely based on a ScrapMaps sketch.

Monday, August 04, 2008

work in progress

There's a new sketches site being launched on 17 August. Can never have too many sketches. or click the link in the bar on the right hand side.

Last night I decided to spend half an hour filing my six inch pile of layouts from the last six months / a year. Got myself into a right mess as to what went where, so have pulled all of the matching albums out to sort them out today and will need to order some more albums. This time I must label the albums.

I've also ordered some 3 up photo albums to sort my photos along the lines of Stacy Julian's system from Photo Freedom. Though a tidy floor might help so I can get to the photos , but that won't be today. Joanne has offered to look after my Cricut whilst we're away on holiday, which is very generous of her. I still need to try out the Sure Cuts a Lot software, but at least the office desk is almost clear, especially as my layouts are now in the lounge!!

A lady on 2peas, Toni, had one of these very elusive punches and offered it for sale. she very generously found another in Michaels or Joanns for me, so hopefully they will be here very soon. She even managed to post it on a Sunday as her local Post Office is open on a Sunday.

Post Offices in the US are few and far between we've found. In Orlando we only found one in Celebration and similarly in LA we only saw one in Venice Beach.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jean's fiftieth birthday

Yesterday we spent much of the day celebrating Jean's birthday and also her engagement to John. This is a layout which pulls together a few of the pictures Elizabeth took to stop her from being bored.

Lego is also 50 this year. Here are the children joining in the celebrations

Page Maps sketch

The first challenge I've done from Willow Tree Crafts scrapathon is the Pagemaps sketch again using the Scarlet Lime kit for June. I wasn't keen on the die cut flowers but they make a statement.

I forgot to mention that yesterday's layout from the stuff on my desk was also a Page Maps sketch from Becky's book.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Scarlet Lime kit

Luckily I had my June Scarlet Lime kit out as the challenge was to use anything on your desk. Also lucky I'm not a tidy person either. :)

Imagine this layout with a photo

I was so tempted to add some of the yellow felt ribbon Jenny kindly bought us from Poundworld (plus GST) but I went for less is more and another Making Memories juornalling block.

I know I have a copy of the photo of Joanne which was printed in the JEP but I can't put my hand on it at the moment. So just use your imagination.

Saturday Scrapathon

Layout 10 and I've used the same felt letters and ribbon again. The sticker is from my June Scarlet Lime kit and I picked up the stitching detail and zigzagged around the patterned papers.

An early start to catch up on some of the 9 layouts and 2 challenges posted so far. This is my version of layout 8.

Friday, July 25, 2008


The first layout from Willow Tree Crafts scrapathon. Not sure how much I'll get done as we have a big 50th birthday party (and engagament party) but don't tell anyone about the engagement as they only picked up the ring today. Juornalling will be done tomorrow as I don't want to get Elizabeth's place on the shooting leaderboard wrong.

Second layout - patterned paper and bobbly ribbon from June Scarlet Lime kit.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Last one for today

Having pulled all the layouts waiting to be put in albums out of the cupboard to find the two missing Egypt layouts, I realise that my next job is to put away layouts into labums, as the pile is about 4 inches thick.

Yes, another Egypt layout

One I started at Scrapagogo and all I needed to do today was add the journalling and add the flowers and buttons. I had made some blue flowers with a pinked edge but decided to go with the pinks from the velevty border paper.

If you like Making Memories, go to the blog today and enter their giveawyas for more Making Memories goodness.

All my Egypt layouts are now in an album. I have one double to finish a title and journalling and two single layouts that I know I've done but who knows where I put them. I now need to review the album and see what layouts I still need to do.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Two more I found in my crop bag

Fisrtly my layout using the Coredinations cardstock, Lorraine's cuttlebug embossing folders and some sand paper. Don't forget to bring what you've created with that magic cardstock to the September crop (date to be confirmed).

And another Egypt layout done at the crop, complete with journalling for once. Love the scalloped velvet ribbon. Once my craft room is tidied I definitely need to put my Egypt pages into their own album as I've probably done more layouts than I realise. I will probably take the rest of the photos and supplies on holiday with us to finish the album in the same year as the holiday!!

I do like the Making Memories journalling spots and it looks like they are back in stock at the suppliers so they may be in next week's delivery.

Still spring cleaning

School is out so Matthew and Elizabeth are doing some tidying of their room and they can then tell me what to tidy!! Today was my desk in my craft room, which I can now see!! However it was tidy a week ago so I don't hold out much hope for it staying clear.

Amongst the tidying I found another layout which I did at the last crop.

I also finished a layout from a class at Gogogetaway with photos from Gogogetaway. I ordered the photos from Photobox this time and they were here in two days. You can see the layout both open and closed.

we are heading to the cinema this morning to see Mamma Mia, which everyone is raving about. Matthew is watching something else with Doug and Lizzie is meeting Bronte. First stop is Spar for some cheap sweets bought with their pocket money.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Paper popsicles

The kit club Paper Popsicles is having a fresh start crop today to introduce the new Design Team members, including my friend, Ching. So her 8am challenge was a card with circles in a fishscale pattern, so here's mine:

And here's my layout for the second challenge - a summer themed layout.

Late spring clean

I enjoyed the crop last weekend. Nice to try out the Coredinations cardstock having read so much about it. Did I mention there's a small prize involved? Please bring your finished creation to the September crop and if you missed the crop, I have some cardstock left to share, drop me a line. Here is a link to the YouTube video to show what can be done with this magic cardstock. You can't bleach this cardstock, I tried and failed ;)

I have been starting a tidy of my workroom and can now see half of the carpet. I found two more layouts that I did at the Scrapagogo retreat. I must sort out an album for the Egypt layouts so that I don't duplicate any layouts. I've probably completed more than I realise. I know there is one more double layout in progress and one I completed at the crop. I haven't got to that bag yet in my tidying process!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Where does the time go?

Since I last posted, we've had a a crop, been to London for the weekend and celebrated Elizabeth's birthday (this weekend).

I have had to admit that my digital camera has died and i have ordered a new camera from Amazon. Having decided I want a handbag sized camera but with a zoom, we headed into town. I sort of had this fixed idea that I wanted a Lumix and that I wasn't going to pay more than £180 - don't know where this figure came from. Guy in Fotosound didn't want me to buy the Lumix and wasn't going to budge on the £250 price. Sale lost there. Whilst M&E visited 101 toys, we popped into Jessops and the same camera was £230 - convinced that was a UK price, we treked to the camera shop in Colomberie - £220. Time for lunch and a trawl through Amazon. Yeah I got it for under my limit and it was despatched today.

Here are my gogogetaway challenge layouts plus one other I found on my desk. I will add photos to my other retreat layouts at this weekend's crop. the photos took two weeks to arrive from truprint so the initial enthusiasm to finish them has passed. however my new PictureMate has arrived and it's perfect and it's a Which bets buy which satisfies Nick.

See you on Saturday