Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gogo Sunday

Well some people were rudely awakened at 7am (really 6am with the hour change) by the fire alarm. I was one of those not in that area so slept blissfully on. I got up very tired and did nothing after breakfast until our sixth class. I may have gone into the shop for one last look!!

I was lucky that for class 6 with Lisa again I had the perfect photo from Bronte's recent party especially with Eleanor's pink outfit. This is a page done on an acrylic sheet with sharpies and some patterned paper.

Last class of the day was only an hour long with Vicki, Gogo's resident digi and hybrid expert. The kit included the printed cardstock for four single page layouts and four packs of embellies, and three printed alphabets and several pages of digital elements. I have finished two layouts and will keep the other two for a forthcoming crop in May.

Along with Chloe from Guernsey, Liz and I took a taxi back to Gatwick airport. We got there in very good time and A kindly got us back home early too after all the uncertainty of the previous two weeks as to whether BA would be running or cancelling the flight.

We're now looking forward to Gogo Take Shape in September here in Jersey, for which there are only four spaces left.

Gogo Saturday

Up nice and early so time to do a quick page before our first class at 10. This is a colour challenge from Design Your Life.

At 10am our first class was with Lorraine and her original used a portrait photo, but I had this family photo which was landscape so I changed it up a little. I almost finished the layout in class but wanted a journalling block which I stamped and cut at home.

After lunch, my favourite class was with Sam and we got messy. We used paint overlaid with embossing powder. This layout is very effective. We fussy cut a New York skyline but hen covered up most of it!!

Layout 4 was very pretty and the only one I didn't have a photo for. I had left ordering my photos from Truprint until Tuesday and they didn't arrive until Saturday. I couldn't get this photo of Grandma to print on my printer but it looks okay from Truprint. Lots of sewing on this layout to pick out details from the papers.

Last class of the day and one which wasn't scheduled to finish until 10.30pm. Too late for me. Lorraine's original was on a base of corrugated card but I altered it to cut the two strips from the card and added them to the top and bottom.

Gogo Friday

My spending started at the airport where I purchased a new handbag which I'd looked at the previous weekend. I also led Liz astray!!

Liz's Dad picked us up from the airport and we got to Theobolds Park in good time for the crop room to open at 6.30pm. Our places were marked with an iced Thorntons Easter egg each and a toothbrush and flannel promoting March 2011's pyjama party themed event. And yes I have booked. After a welcome from the Gogo team and our first round of bingogo, which Liz won , it was time for dinner, after which I completed one layout.

9pm and our first class with Lisa. A bit busy for my taste but ir worked well. We had been told to take a black and white photo but thought that as Matthew's blazer is black, that this colour photo would work and it did.

Time for bed now.

You may be looking for Gogo layouts

But first here's Saturday's pinwheel blocks. More fabric purchased with Claire.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I know I should be packing but

The new fabrics I purchased with Claire at Stitch and Craft on Sunday were calling to me, so I made this week's pinwheels.

Added to the other four pairs of pinwheels it's looking lovely.

I am off to Scrapagogo on Friday but not sure when or how we're getting back at the moment as we had planned to come back with BA from Gatwick on Sunday night but may have to come back from Luton on Monday afternoon. We are trying to be patient and hope the strike blows over but it is difficult. Do I pack extra undies for Monday? AS always I'm planning to travel fairly light. My suitcase is mostly packed with Margaret's new Slice bag and card which gives me room for the return. An Artbin is already in my case which will be packing for my completed projects. Photos I hear you say. Ah yes that's the elephant in the room I've been avoiding. A school friend uploaded a photo of us in 1978 on a school trip to London so I may try and get a copy of that, but the main jobs for the rest of the day are:
1. Choose and order photos for the classes;
2. Make up four kits to take;
3. Pack my tools into an old ice cream container to save taking a tote.

My intentions are good but Jane has suggested lunch at plemont, so my packing will have to wait. Unfortunately that may mean my photos arrive after Friday and I have no-one to blame but myself.

I'll tell you more about my fun weekend with Claire once I've ordered my photos.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More pinwheels

I'm enjoying making the pinwheels from Ps I quilt as they are a one hour easily achieved project. Here are the eight block so far.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

More pinwheels

I have done this week's blocks and am making great progress on another project. This week sees the Eisteddfod opening on Thursday with prize giving on Wednesday evening. I have five projects entered and I had a call to ask if my green jelly roll quilt had been "professionally" quilted, which isn't permitted. I confirmed that it had been done by me on my home sewing machine and thanked her for the compliment!! I will go to see the exhibition on Friday after class as the Esitddfod is held next door at the RJA&HS.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Gogo take shape

It's official, Scrapagogo are coming back on 25 September. The 2009 event was great fun, so if you want to book go to http://www.scrapagogo.co.uk/shop.php?pr=67 and book now. you know you want to.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Enjoying just doing

After particpating in LOAD last month (more photos to follow) and finishing Eisteddfod work, I am enjoying just doing whatever I want. Yesterday I finished work on the WI anniversary book which had been put to the side during February, so the rest of the day was my own.

I decided to make up some pinwheel blocks for a Quilt a Long on Rachel Griffith's blog I picked out some black and whites and added some reds and greys and this is a picture of the first two lessons. I think I'll look out some more white with hints of black when I'm at the Stitch & Craft expo at Olympia in 18 days time.

Today's a bit busy with a doctor's appointment, sax lesson, funeral and meeting Matthew's teachers tonight, so I think the first job is to finish the ironing and then I need to get out some fabrics to plan for one of the two workshops we're doing in April.I'll start with the easiest one first.