Thursday, January 21, 2010

Remember this

Week 4's theme is repetition (continuation of week 3). Second assignment is a mini book which probably won't be done but is a very cute idea. However I have done the first assignment with thanks to Lorraine for the use of her butterfly punch. Ching would be proud of me, as this is the second layout this week I've used staples on. Mainly because I haven't found my fastenator box.

Monday, January 18, 2010

More snow layouts

Using that hidden December Scrapagogo kit, here's week 3 layout 1, so that's weeks 1 and 2 finished and just one from week 1 to complete. I need to find some different photos to do that one as the ones I've chosen just aren't working for me.

Time for me to get off the computer and clear my desk so that I can complete the handbag I promised to show the quilting group tonight. At least two ladies have finished their top from the workshop on Friday so I'm looking forward to seeing the results.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Scrapagogo December kit

Here's DYL wk3 layout 2 using the Scrapagogo kit that I didn't know I had as I labelled it and filed it away neatly. Fatal!!

These photos are poor, but that's after they have had basic PSE titivation. The rotunda is so dark at Fort Regent and they had red green and blue light alternating. I much preferred the waterfront ice rink or the one on the Parade.

At last

Here's RWC week 2. All it needed was the journalling to be completed which was a perfect in front of the TV job last night. The colours were taken from a cushion and were hot pink, zingy orange and chocolate brown - sounds like a good recipe for a dessert!!

Just one week 1 layout to do and two for week 3. I may be caught up by Thursday when week 4 is released!! I've also signed up to do LOAD in February. And $10 of your subscription will go to relief in Haiti.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Real World Colour (RWC)

This is my week 3 layout. The colours came from a photograph we were provided of an italian restaurant (hence red, white and green) with blue grey walls. There's plenty of red in the prak photos which I chose. I also altered the 8 by 11 sketch to be 12 by 12.

Still playing catch up on one week 1 layout and week 2 RWC which just needs journalling. Week 3 has started so that adds two more to the list. I may even bring out my December Scrapagogo kit for one of the layouts!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snow joke

What a surprise this morning no more snow and none forecast for the rest of the week. Quite a contrast to yesterday. I was horrified to find in my tidy stash the December Scrapagogo kit completely untouched. Lots of snowy papers and knitted mittens.

I've done two layouts from the Design your Life class today, one is waiting for Matthew and Elizabeth to do the journalling for me. The second is below. I like how it's turned out and the orange swirly strip came straight out of my orange scrap folder.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Solo crop

The snow is looking fantastic but it meant we had to postpone today's crop. No-one wants to cancel this month's crop so I will try and re-schedule it with the venue on Monday.

I need to get the week 1 and 2 layouts completed for CZ's design your Life class. I had this one kitted out with photos already cropped to size, but it's still taken an hour to put together. Not sure why.

The lesson this week was on asymmetry and I dug out more old papers. Used up all the red velvet ric rac and could put my hands on the buttons. Tidy has a lot going for it. Or should I say tidier. Still a long way to go, especially as I have a large box of crop kits and prizes on the floor. Thanks to Joanne for putting the kits together and donating some of the prizes. Still haven't found my Gogo wallhanging or sissix fun serif alphas.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Getting ready for the crop

I have started sorting my stash as my craft room is a mess and came across some stickers from a kit about eight years ago and some patterned paper and embellishments for snow pictures. So having already sorted and thinned my stash I was able to pick out the supplies very quickly to do this layout for week two of Design your Life and it's project two.

Yes I can count too. I still have week 1 projects 1 and 2 and week 2 project 1 to do. My enlargements have arrived for Wk 1 project 1 so just need to get my stuff together so I can do them at the crop tomorrow. Weather permitting.

And if you look at the layout carefully you'll even see evidence of glitter glue on the letter stickers.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Design your life week 1

Unusually the week for the class starts on a Thursday which is really going to confuse me. However I think it's a good idea as those that work can prepare on Thursday / Friday and complete the three assignments over the weekend.

This is the third assignment for the week called "Real World Colour". Cathy gives you a colour swatch taken from a photo or advert with a sketch for you to produce a layout. This is my version. I'm not happy with the AC pen I used for this. I will have to see if I can remove the writing with stazon stamp cleaner probably and beg steal or borrow a pen. I found the patterned paper whilst sorting stuff for next Saturday's crop and went from there. There's orange in the colour swatch not red so I have used a little artistic licence.

You're possibly wondering where the first two assignments are? The first assignment needed an enlargement which I've ordered from Snapfish which I want to do first.

Joanne has done a fabulous job of putting together mystery kits for next Saturday. I've added some fibres and stickers to each bag and they're ready to go. Just need to sort photos next. Fiona and Elizabeth have also agreed to come and be prize girls again which they thoroughly enjoyed last time.