Monday, March 31, 2014

Siblings Together 2 April!!

I know it's still March but when Penny posted the instructions for her choice for April. I just had to get started. She chose the Simply Woven block following a Moda Bakeshop tutorial I love doing the Siblings Together blocks as we stash bust ( i.e. use our own fabrics). First of all I cut the off white background from my stash and then checked my scrap bags which are sorted by colour. Penny guided on the colours she wanted for each strip which makes it quicker to choose. Where I didn't have a suitable piece  in my scraps , I found fabric in my basket which has fabric to sort and that was very fruitful.
I've been very successful listing some fabric on Lorraine's Facebook group which has encouraged me to continue today. More to come tomorrow.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Scrumptious april block of the month

Today is Mother's Day in the UK and as our Guild UFO day was cancelled because of the clash, I decided to sew at home instead. Val kindly let me know that the Wishes quilt along block for April - broken dishes, had been published.
So I dug out my bag containing the blocks so far and my fat eighth bundle of Scrumptious by Bonnie & Camille. the block calls for you to cut 4 3/8" square so I scaled them up to 4.5" and trimmed them down once sewn. a nice straight forward block but be careful to sew your seams with the correct edges matched or you might end up with pin wheels. I almost did this.

When I put the blocks together, I spun the seams again. The intersections then make mini four patches and pinwheels and lie better when pressed.
Here are all four blocks so far. I'm liking them so far. Has there been a picture posted of the whole quilt? I'll have to go and look.
My work room is a mess but today I started putting some scrap packs together and posting the packs and yardage onto Lorraine's facebook group for craft supplies for sale. So far I've sold two out of four lots, so I must go and sort some more for sale.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Brit Sewing Thursday 27 March and Superior Giveaway

Just Sew Sue

Where has the week gone? I've spent most of it coughing away and feeling sorry for myself. I bet you won't feel sorry for yourself if you win the lovely giveaway from Superior Threads. The winner will receive  1 spool of King Tut, 1 spool of Bottom Line, a pack of 90/14 needles, and free shipping. Open to international entrants.
Whilst I had hoped to be clever and share a finished quilt, beautifully quilted with Superior Threads which I always use when I long arm a quilt, my machine is still not fixed, so I'll share with you my progress on the Quilty Fun sewalong. 

This week's block is the Bee block which in the original row along was the label on the reverse of the quilt. However this time it takes pride of place on the front of the quilt. I sewed this block a few weeks ago, but have now done the embroidery to finish the block.

Using the photo of the finished quilt, I added the borders we'd previously sewn to frame the bee block.
Lori told us to cut five strips of fabric ready for next week. This was enough information for me to put the rest of the quilt together. Lori has added a pieced border and a wide border of printed fabric. I don't need another large quilt so may see what fabric I have that might suit a smaller border.

If you would like to enter the draw for the threads and needles by Superior Threads:
* If you blog, please use the Inlinkz widget to link up to Brit Sewing Thursday and include the badge in your post. Then comment below
* If you don't have a blog, please follow my blog using one of the methods on the right hand side and also post a comment. Good luck everyone.
I will draw a winner next Wednesday at noon BST. Did you notice that the needles are titianium? And they're top stitch 90/14 We were recommended many years ago to use Topstitch 90/14 needles for all of our piecing and quilting by visiting tutor Dawn Cameron Dick. Since then that's all I've used. I have heard good things about the titanium needles and would love the winner to let us know how they get on with the needles.
 Share what you've been working on this week: 

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

London meet up

It's over a week since Jane and I returned from our London jaunt and I haven't told you what we got up to. Or what we purchased.  Lots of beautiful photos, some of which appear below, with Clare's permission, are on Clare's blog.
The purpose of the weekend was for us to meet up with most of the members of the FQR Bumbling Honeys bee. We felt very guilty as Moira had suggested the meet up and then we chose a date she couldn't make. Sorry Moira. Two of the ladies are also in Jane's new bee so it worked for both of us. The date chosen also coincided with the Knit & Stitch show.
Thick thick fog meant we didn't get away until Friday night instead of the Friday morning red eye to London City. Neither of us have travelled to London City airport before and the advertising claims it's 10 minutes from landing to the DLR station, and I think they're right.
Saturday morning we headed to Angel tube station and were very early so attempted a cache in the area and grabbed another dedicated to Norman Wisdom. Turns out lots of the ladies got to London earlier than the planned meet up of 11.30, so next time we'll start earlier. We met outside The Hummingbird Bakery in Islington and chatted. Some ladies I'd met before and recognised and others I didn't recognise, which is par for the course for me. As there were only two stools between a dozen of us in the bakery, we went next door to Jamies and waited for Jojo and chatted. I distributed gifts of Sue's Fudge (not made by me)
Then refreshed and watered we headed for Ray Stitch. We had chatted for so long that I had not realised the time and we stopped for all of 30 seconds before deciding to go and find lunch. Ottolenghis was full as expected so we had pizza opposite. And chatted more. Kate was telling us about how excluding irritants from her diet has improved her arthritis. I never knew so many foods would irritate arthritis including bananas. Fortunately the restaurant had gluten free options for Kate and Jackie which they said was as tasty as regular pasta.

Jane left us to go and have tea with her parents, which we had originally planned for Sunday, but fog put paid to our plans. Then we went back to ray Stitch for some shopping. Then it was onto Loop, where we left a few more ladies, then the handbag shop. By the time we got to sit down for popcorn ice cream sandwiches with salted caramel sauce we were down to five. We laid plans for a meet up at festival of Quilts as well as a retreat with the chance to try and make a Weekender bag. There was a lot of talking and my throat was getting sore. Teresa and I headed back to Kensington to stroll until she headed back to her train. It was great to meet up with liked minded people and put the world to rights.

Sunday was Knit & Stitch at Olympia. I had scanned the Friday workshop tickets to e-mail to Claire who attended the workshop, and I left the tickets on the scanner. They were in my bag when I first headed to the airport but I realised on Sunday morning I'd left them behind. Lizzie scanned and e-mailed the tickets to me and the organisers at Olympia were kind enough to reprint the tickets.
My purchases for the whole weekend weren't huge and neither was Knit & Stitch. Very disappointing and we only managed to stay for three hours. I bought some sock wool and needles from Loop, The lime and white Carolyn Freidlander fabrics and some poppers from Ray Stitch. The poppers are for a bag for a future workshop as are the lacy zippers. from the show I bought two magazine subscriptions and the fabrics on the right hand side from The Running Chicken.
We then headed to St Pancras for lunch, Kensington Hummingbird Bakery for a few goodies to take home and then to the airport. Since coming back I've been out of sorts and have developed a horrid cough. My long arm has been fixed today, so I hope to be back to normal by the weekend.
Please come back on Thursday for a Superior Threads giveaway.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Three little pigs

The theme of the Frosted Pumpkin monthly club for 2014 is Once Upon a Time. January was Snow White, February - The Frog Prince and March is Three Little Pigs. And I have finished March. Woohoo.

Unfortunately I haven't finished January and February completely. The border is done for both months.
I plan to finish January at the same time as April as there won't be a large amount of border to do and then February at the same time as May as there'll be no border. For the time being, I have packed away my equipment in my little box along with the petite scissors I bought at last autumn's Knit & Stitch show. All of my floss is wound onto cardboard bobbins and stored in number order in my box. I don't have much of the Weeks pink thread left so I think I need to check how many I should have bought and order some more.
My linen has been taken off the frame and stored with the thread box in a Liz Earle box along with printed charts and highlighter tape.

No progress on my long arm yet as I patiently waited for a call from the engineer but I had text the wrong number so he didn't know I had the new screw drivers and timing kit. I have tried myself today but I can't undo the screws. He is coming tomorrow afternoon so I hope to be back in business by Thursday.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Fabulous Friday

I can now reveal I sent my Sewing Room Swap goodies to Kelli who is pleased with what she received. Phew. I collected my goodies from the Post Office yesterday and all I can say is WOW. I have been absolutely spoilt rotten.
It starts with this innocuous looking parcel.
Which I carefully cut open to reveal some piles of fabric goodness.
Now I had seen both of these items on Flickr and admired them, thinking the butterfly wall hanging would go nicely in my new kitchen.
I don't remember seeing a name on the Flickr sneak peak, Caroline is very sneaky. I thought that this was pieced and hand quilted, but it a "cheater fabric". Brilliant use of the fabric. I thought the embroidery was bigger in the first peek we were given and thought it would be nice framed in an embroidery hoop, but this is even better. Great colours.
Even better this is a lovely big cushion cover. I need to pop into town tomorrow to buy a cushion inner and it's definitely going in the kitchen.
And there's more, tucked inside of one of the items was a mini charm pack of April Showers by Bonnie & Camille. I don't have any of that line. Yet!! And a few scraps. I love other people's scraps. I will remember to send some next time. And the cutest babushka scissors.
Then there's this gorgeous air mail pouch which is about a4 in size. Very useful. I collected stamps as a child and this is very me. I remember sending air mail letters to Phyllis in South Africa. A lot of thought has gone into this item.

And finally I received two zippers, a zip pull and a personalised card from Caroline. I like the idea of my own cards, I will have to follow that up.

I bet you're jealous, what a lovely set of gifts. Do go to the Flickr group and have a look at what everyone else has received.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Brit link Thursday 20 March 2014

Just Sew Sue
I had a busy weekend visiting the Knit & Stitch Show and with a FQR Bumbling Honeys meet up in Islington. It was shortened by fog both in Jersey and at London City airport. I took my Sugar is Sweet cross stitch with me and I even cut some threads ready as we decided to take hand luggage only at the last minute, but it came home untouched. I took it to my Wednesday group and I thought I'd left my glasses at home, so still no progress. However here it is now - finished and ready to go to the framers.

The kit to fix the timing on my long arm has arrived, but I have so far left it until David, the local sewing machine engineer has some time to come and fine tune the timing. However tomorrow I may have a go myself as I'm getting impatient. I have four quilts ready to quilt and another customer who would like to deliver a quilt who rang yesterday. I love being in demand, but I hate not being able to complete the work on a timely basis.
What have you been working on? Add a link to your sewing/quilting post below and don't forget to visit some of your fellow bloggers and share some Brit Sewing love. You'll definitely want to return next Thursday when we have a Superior giveaway.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Back home

I'm still keeping up with the sew along over at the Fat Quarter Shop from Lori Holt's first book Quilty Fun. And just one more week to go until the quilt top is finished. The kit to fix the timing on my long arm has arrived so I need to ring my engineer to come and fix it. Next time I will be equipped to attempt it myself.

I'm hoping Lori will post the instructions to put the right hand side of the quilt together soon.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sewing Room Swap 2

Parcels of sewing room goodies should now be circling the globe on the way to their partners. There are some lovely items in the Flickr pool. Go and have a look. I'm not the only person to have made a social tote for their partner so you never know, I might get one in return.

I hadn't intended to make a social tote for my partner as she requested a sewing machine cover. I selected a pattern from Quilty Fun and have just sewn on the binding at a UFO day when I thought I'd pop it on my sewing machine to try it for size. Talk about a pimple on a ball of cheese. Too small by a long way. So it got chucked in the cupboard in disgust and I made the tote instead.
I then set about making a social tote as my partner had liked them in the group Flickr stream. However last week whilst helping with the Eisteddfod adjudication, I picked up this WIP to take it along and hem down the binding during quiet periods. It was soon complete and is now a mat to go under my partner's sewing machine with little pockets to hang down at the front.

The sewing machine mat is just an extra as I also made a sewing themed Zakka trivet. The gifts are now heading towards my partner who has not commented on two of the items so I hope she's not disappointed.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Quilty Fun mittens

I'm still keeping up with the sew along over at the Fat Quarter Shop from Lori Holt's first book Quilty Fun. And just two more weeks to go until the quilt top is finished. We still have a row of pretty flowers to make and the bee. I have already finished the bee apart from the borders and the embroidered antennae. Due to buying too much backing for the Row Along I also have backing for the project, but at the moment my long arm is still not functioning.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Brit Sewing Thursday Linky - 13 March 2014

Just Sew Sue
Yesterday was very productive and as well as my Fat Quarter Shop sewalong block, I also made two blocks for Mary for the FQR Bumbling Honeys Bee. Mary chose this block called Migration by Charlotte Newland and provided all the fabrics for us.
The colour scheme chosen by Mary is a stunning mix of turquoise, burnt orange, grey and black on a low volume background. Each block consisted of 26 flying geese.
I chose to make some half square triangle units with the waste from the largest flying geese units which Mary could use for a border, label or pieced backing.

What should I do next? Pack my suitcase for my trip to London tomorrow, some more of my cross stitch sampler or the Quilty Fun mittens?

What have you been up to?
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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March Wishes

Having resigned myself to my long arm not being fixed any time soon and therefore Jane's quilts will not be ready for delivery to her Mum in England on Saturday, I've settled down to catch up on some commitments. Some to bees and some to myself. So the first finish is the March block for Fat Quarter Shop's Wishes Quilt along.

There were some big triangles to cut off so I made them into half square triangles to use for a label for the back of the quilt. Here are the three blocks so far. They are all made from a fat eighth stack of Scrumptious by Bonnie & Camille.

Please come back tomorrow for the Brit Sewing Thursday Linky.

Monday, March 10, 2014


I would be an Olympic champion if there was an Olympic procrastination even.t I had put off testing my long arm until the weekend when I'd have time to try it out properly. I found the quilt top I wanted to quilt. Another example of procrastination as I thought I'd do beautiful feathers on it but in the end I've decided finished is better than perfect and I'm going to use a digital pantograph. Unfortunately within five minutes of starting the panto, I realised it was skipping regularly so the timing needs to be fine tuned Let's home David is free this morning as this afternoon is very busy.
So instead of quilting, I worked some more of my Sugar is Sweet sampler. I just have some shading to do on the ribbon and then I can work down the page. There are no large areas of one colour so time will be spent changing colours as much as stitching.

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Sugar is Sweet

Last night was Friday Night with Friends and I chose to stitch the alphabet part of the newest sampler from The Pumpkin Stitchery. Here's a picture of the finished sampler by Amanda. I plan to take it with me to London when Jane and I go to Knit & Stitch on Friday at Olympia. and Claire is meeting us there too.

Friday, March 07, 2014

Friday Night with Friends

Tonight I will be stitching along with hostess Cheryll and friends around the world, more about that tomorrow. This morning I finished foundation piecing another flying geese sashing block for the 2012 FQS BOM. I now have nine out of the twelve blocks. One more has been posted and I'm hoping I'll receive one more in London next week when we meet up with FQR friends.
I hope to finish this Schnibble tomorrow so I can check my Long Arm is functioning properly on Sunday, ready to quilt Jane's quilts on Monday and Tuesday. Fingers crossed I don't encounter any problems.

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Brit Sewing Thursday Linky - 6 March 2014

Just Sew Sue

Thursday came around very quickly this week. Today should see the judging of the 700 entries for the Needlework section of the Jersey Eisteddfod completed. Philippa Naylor is now onto the adult quilts which is slower so yesterday I was able to hand sew the binding of what was meant to be a sewing machine cover from Quilty Fun by Lori Holt.
However when I tried it for size on my machine, it is petite, so will become a sewing machine mat with pockets for my sewing room swap partner. I just need to purchase a mailing box and I will be ready to post next week.

I also completed my spools block for the Quilty Fun sew along yesterday morning. A nice simple block for a busy week.  My Bee in my Bonnet row along quilt will be judged later this morning. I wonder if I should leave the room at that point? We are using aliases for our work so that the judge isn't aware that the maker is in the room amongst the helpers. So far my pieces have attracted two golds, I think.
What have you been up to?
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