Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Stash Bee - March

This week I'm busy helping out with the Needlework Section of the Jersey Eisteddfod. Philippa Naylor is this year's adjudicator and taught a two day machine quilting workshop last weekend. There are some 700 entries to be judged and a good start was made on the junior entries yesterday. This morning I'm waiting for someone to have a look at the timing on my long arm, so that, fingers crossed, I don't have to ship it back to the UK.

I cut these out last night whilst waiting for Mary Berry's new programme to start and have machined them this morning. They are Stash Bee blocks for Hive 5 for Rebeckah.
I stress at the beginning of the month as I like to get my month's commitments done as soon as possible so as to get them in the post. With the Eisteddfod taking up my time this week, I will try and make progress in the evening without overdoing it. I found out yesterday that both Nick and Lizzie are occupied / away in 10 days time, so I will have the weekend to myself. Though Lizzie has said she won't be sleeping over at the Spirit on the Rock retreat which is held at her school so will walk home to sleep. However I have said no one else is to sleepover here as we seem to host endless sleepovers without reciprocation from some.

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QuiltCandy said...

Love those cats! Philippa has got a big job ahead of her judging all those entries! Please tell her I've already put in a few extra hours practicing my FMQ and I'm improving...slowly!! Just about to blog about our weekend now :-)