Monday, March 10, 2014


I would be an Olympic champion if there was an Olympic procrastination even.t I had put off testing my long arm until the weekend when I'd have time to try it out properly. I found the quilt top I wanted to quilt. Another example of procrastination as I thought I'd do beautiful feathers on it but in the end I've decided finished is better than perfect and I'm going to use a digital pantograph. Unfortunately within five minutes of starting the panto, I realised it was skipping regularly so the timing needs to be fine tuned Let's home David is free this morning as this afternoon is very busy.
So instead of quilting, I worked some more of my Sugar is Sweet sampler. I just have some shading to do on the ribbon and then I can work down the page. There are no large areas of one colour so time will be spent changing colours as much as stitching.


Diane-crewe said...

hope it gets sorted out and you can then ... think about.. getting back to it xx

Celine said...

this looks lovely, you are tempting me now... I have tried to resist it so far!