Monday, March 24, 2014

Three little pigs

The theme of the Frosted Pumpkin monthly club for 2014 is Once Upon a Time. January was Snow White, February - The Frog Prince and March is Three Little Pigs. And I have finished March. Woohoo.

Unfortunately I haven't finished January and February completely. The border is done for both months.
I plan to finish January at the same time as April as there won't be a large amount of border to do and then February at the same time as May as there'll be no border. For the time being, I have packed away my equipment in my little box along with the petite scissors I bought at last autumn's Knit & Stitch show. All of my floss is wound onto cardboard bobbins and stored in number order in my box. I don't have much of the Weeks pink thread left so I think I need to check how many I should have bought and order some more.
My linen has been taken off the frame and stored with the thread box in a Liz Earle box along with printed charts and highlighter tape.

No progress on my long arm yet as I patiently waited for a call from the engineer but I had text the wrong number so he didn't know I had the new screw drivers and timing kit. I have tried myself today but I can't undo the screws. He is coming tomorrow afternoon so I hope to be back in business by Thursday.


QuiltCandy said...

Love this cross stitch, it's so cute :-)

Sinta Renee said...

Adorable little nursery rhyme cross stitch! Love it!