Sunday, March 25, 2012

Granny squares

And not the crocheted kind. It was the Caesarea Quilters UFO day today where you have six hours to sew on whatever you like. After a late night last night with the clocks going forward too, I was a bit of a zombie this morning, so I packed my sewing machine and tools, the two remaining swoon blocks and my Hopscotch project wallet. I also printed off the instructions for granny squares.

I need some more fabric for my last two swoon blocks due to cutting mistakes. I have ordered some more background fabric and then I needed to find some elusive Hometown. I contacted the designer, Sweetwater, and they have come up trumps and are sending me the one square of one fabric and the four rectangles of another fabric to enable me to finish the project. Today I got the blocks as far as I could without the extra fabric.

At the same time, I dug out my Ruby jelly roll scraps and cut them into 2.5" squares, enough for two granny squares and almost enough for a third block. I know I have a bag of Sandy Gervais scraps from my pinwheel quilt, so I will find those and put them ready for our all day sewing session at Chez Soi on Wednesday.

I think this block would make a great demo at our monthly meeting as so may of us have leftovers from the jelly rolls we've used.

Tomorrow I need to focus on project instructions and photos for a project for Fat Quarterly. The deadline is looming fast and I haven't made a start on it yet.

Monday, March 19, 2012

FNSI March 2012

Here is my FNSI for March 2012. All I managed was the lettering on the left hand side and the hand of the angel on the right hand side. This was my Christmas present from Claire and is destined to be the piece I take on trips and to our quilting group over the next few months to work on. The pattern is Hope Love and Friendship by Rosalie Quinlan - with a donation for each pattern going to support breast cancer sufferers.

And here is how the finished article should look like. :) Photo taken from Rosalie's blog

On Saturday I went to the local scrapbooking crop for six hours (organised by me). I have lost my scrapbooking mojo as my photo printer is playing up and I haven't got around to uploading some photos to snapfish and ordering some prints. That is a priority job for this week or when I get to the Gogogetaway at the end of the month I'll have nothing to work on. I also need to order two prints from the local newspaper. As well as taking my scrapbooking stuff, I also took a jelly roll and yardage to cut my pieces for the Hopscotch quiltalong. Hopscotch is a pattern by Camille Roskelly and I am using her Ruby range, some Moda red dotty and a white on white with a small star for the quilt.

Although I got all of the pieces cut on Saturday, I only sewed a few pieces yesterday as I concentrated on quilting a quilt for a customer and then later in the day we spent two hours helping take down the needlework section of the Eisteddfod. With Nick, Matthew and Lizzie also helping, it went quite quickly and all but two of the 600+ entries were returned to their owners.

It is Mother's Day in the UK today and I have been spoilt with a card, semi circle rulers for my quilting machine and my car has been cleaned and waxed. My car is now filled with the Eisteddfod entries for Caesarea Quilters which will be displayed at our meeting this evening and members will vote for their favourites and the Chez Soi entries will be returned at our meeting on Wednesday after they have been made into a display for our annual photograph.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Swoon 7

I made this seventh of nine blocks in the company of Jenny and Lorraine on Thursday. On Friday I completed the quilting of Liz's interesting quilt (jelly roll race pattern) and Saturday I taught fourteen ladies the Building Blocks pattern. There was a diverse range of abilities which makes for an interesting workshop. All of the blocks were lovely. Sunday I rested!!

This week sees the judging of Eisteddfod entries and I have offered to go up all day Wednesday to help and I may go today too. It'll be interesting to see behind the scenes and hope that I'm not asked to scribe the comments for one of my own entries.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

March 2012 UFO challenge

I finished my cream and blue stars for the February challenge. It has been packed off to go to our local Eisteddfod so I will have a better photo later.

Judy has chosen No 8 as the March UFO which is my stitchery table runner. That is very doable. The stitcheries are done and there are fabrics I received in the Chez Soi Christmas secret santa, ready in the bag to go.

However today I'm going to continue working on my swoon blocks as they are all cut out and I have six out of nine complete and I'm keen to finish them.