Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Goodbye my friends

Firstly a hello and to let you know issue 2 of is available to download. The two competitions on the website mentioned on page 75 will be on the website soon too. Look out for my contribution to the magazine on page 87. If you sign up, you could win £100 of crafting goodies and when they contact you, don't forget it was me who told you about the magazine as I can win the same prize.

This is another sketch using a photo given to Matthew and his classmates at their leavers assembly. The focus of the leavers' assembly was "Goodbye my friends", hence the title.

I really need to print out and organise some photos to scrap so I can be more effective. So today I'll print out:
* Elizabeth's birthday party
* Miscellaneous end of term photos
* Bathtub challenge pirates
I also need to get out the Florida photos from 1980s

Later in the week I must go through the scans I've done of Mum's green photo album to see what I haven't scrapped yet.

The sky is blue at the moment, but it's not due to be nice today?

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Go otters

We are now officially on school holidays, the end of year party for the boys has happened and the decorators have finished. Oh yes, I've also finished the last Harry Potter book. So it was time to finish this layout from Elizabeth's sports day which has been sat on my table for about 5 days. I had tried orange squares of patterned paper for the three blocks but they were too dominating, so printed off some sayings onto the turquoise vellum which I like. It adds something and you can still see the patterned paper below. This is a rouge de garance paper which I thought was the only time I would use a paper with an outline of a sneaker??? Either that or cover it up.

The sketch I used for this layout is from

Tried to book a trip to Egypt for myself and the children yesterday but there are no flights available in the band that the holiday includes which is with British Airways and they want a £90 supplement for flying Egypt Air. I'd want a discount for flying with them not a supplement!! Hopefully BA will release more cheaper flights in the coming weeks and months.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

End of term - almost

and where is the sun?? Here is a layout of a family picnic in the garden on a rare sunny evening earlier this month. I used one of the class kits I bought from Scenic Route and which Elizabeth helped me to put together over the weekend.

It is a frenzy of end of term assemblies and concerts at the moment, particularly for Matthew as he leaves the junior school. The boys were each presented with a photo of everyone in his year and the two teachers last night for which I am most grateful. Especially as I had to redo the teachers' cards last night as the person who offered to get the cards signed asked one of the boys to do it and didn't tell him only those listed on the envelopes were to sign. Only one day to go!! and one more concert tonight.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Rouge de Garance

Yesterday I received a lovely parcel of papers from Rouge de Garance which was a prize from their National Scrapbooking Day activities in May. They sent me two of everything so I've split the parcel with Joanne.


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A photo

Not a scrapbooking photo, but something I've been working on for the last week. Just need to slipstitch the inside cover around the zip.

Provisional dates for autumn crops. Saturday 22 September and Saturday 20 October - subject to booking the Eastern good Companions. We have asked Dee to show us how she made her lovely crocheted flowers at the September crop.