Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Goodbye my friends

Firstly a hello and to let you know issue 2 of is available to download. The two competitions on the website mentioned on page 75 will be on the website soon too. Look out for my contribution to the magazine on page 87. If you sign up, you could win £100 of crafting goodies and when they contact you, don't forget it was me who told you about the magazine as I can win the same prize.

This is another sketch using a photo given to Matthew and his classmates at their leavers assembly. The focus of the leavers' assembly was "Goodbye my friends", hence the title.

I really need to print out and organise some photos to scrap so I can be more effective. So today I'll print out:
* Elizabeth's birthday party
* Miscellaneous end of term photos
* Bathtub challenge pirates
I also need to get out the Florida photos from 1980s

Later in the week I must go through the scans I've done of Mum's green photo album to see what I haven't scrapped yet.

The sky is blue at the moment, but it's not due to be nice today?

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