Monday, June 27, 2022

Monday make - 1989 Prairie Schooler Santa


I am pleased to have finished another Santa. This was trickier than others I’ve stitched as there is a fancy border and the wreath meant there were no large areas of red to stitch quickly.

Next is the 1991 Santa which looks even more complicated as Santa’s cloak has a pattern on it.

Friday, June 24, 2022

Friday finish - freebie Friday quilt

I have been procrastinating about quilting this project as I wasn’t sure what to use for backing. On Wednesday I decided to use this leftover Ruby Star Society wide sateen backing.

The blocks are from Freebie Friday by @gnomeangel on Instagram. The fabrics are Kona and Libs Elliott.


Wednesday, June 22, 2022

WIP Wednesday - Prairie Schooler Santa

Yesterday evening we had a school reunion to celebrate our 60th birthdays. Given that Jersey is so small it is surprising that we don’t accidentally bum into each other more often. We had a lovely evening with a tour of the school and then followed with tapas in town. My head was spinning and I didn’t get to sleep until after 2am this morning.

I have been working on Prairie Schooler 1989 Santa. I’ve worked my way up to the top of the design and am now working towards his feet.

Monday, June 20, 2022

Monday make - strawberry dreams FFO


Sorry this is such a poor photo but a mirrored frame is not very photogenic. I mounted a piece of Libs Elliott red on the back of the frame on a piece of mount board. Then I mounted the stitched piece onto a mount board fabric and stitched piece sandwich. The pattern is by Barbara Ana and is available for free from her Instagram link tree.

The linen is Blush by Picture this Plus from The Homemakery and as it is very pale I put more of the red fabric behind the linen to make it look pinker.

It would have looked a little more professional if I could have found my hot glue gun to pinch the corners. I should add the glue gun to the list of items to search for at the end of the month.

Friday, June 17, 2022

Friday finish - Christmas Tree


This project is Christmas Tree by Barbara Ana Designs purchased from Nitka Moscow. As planned, I have finished one more branch for June. It's so good to see some progress on this project each month and I will eventually have a finished project. I have another of Barbara Ana's kits from Nitka Moscow.

Time now to work on my Prairie Schooler Santa.

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Wip Wednesday - Strawberry Dreams


 This is a free pattern called Strawberry Dreams by Barbara Ana. Started and finished during the week. I'm loving my new floss drops from Pip & Chip. A worthwhile investment. 

I need to work out a system for putting a card in the slot in the Ikea boxes when the colour is being used in a project. It will take some time to move to this new system which I can do as I finish a project or start a new one.

The linen i leftover from The Frosted Pumpkin Christmas wreath and is from The Homemakery. It's by Picture This Plus and I think it's called blush. It is a very very pale pink and I plan to put a deep pink cotton fabric behind the piece when I frame it.

Monday, June 13, 2022

Monday Make - happy stripes


I had another trip to Liverpool last weekend for the NFWI Annual Meeting. We also did some shopping, sightseeing and dining out. I met Gill on Thursday and was delighted to be able to return her Modern Quilt Club mystery quilt, all quilted and ready for binding.

I also finished the Happy Stripes quilt - pattern by Emily Dennis of Quilty Love. I took this project to the Modern Quilt Club retreat as a pile of 2.5" strips and 4.5" squares. I should have taken some extra fabric as some of my strips weren't usable. I spent a whole £2 on a lime green fat quarter to complete the quilt. I wish I'd used a bolder fabric for the star points but I'm happy that I managed to make the quilt from scratch, used up a lot of my scraps and destashed a whole bag of scraps, I even found a small piece of backing for the quilt. I had to overlap some wadding to make a piece big enough but it is fairly densely quilted so you can't feel where the overlap falls.

Then what to use for binding? Another leftover peice of fabric from the backing from another quilt and a quick machine binding for the win. All in all a great stash buster.

Quilting pattern - Malachite by Urban Elementz
Backing - fabric by Elizabeth Hartman