Saturday, January 02, 2010

Design your life week 1

Unusually the week for the class starts on a Thursday which is really going to confuse me. However I think it's a good idea as those that work can prepare on Thursday / Friday and complete the three assignments over the weekend.

This is the third assignment for the week called "Real World Colour". Cathy gives you a colour swatch taken from a photo or advert with a sketch for you to produce a layout. This is my version. I'm not happy with the AC pen I used for this. I will have to see if I can remove the writing with stazon stamp cleaner probably and beg steal or borrow a pen. I found the patterned paper whilst sorting stuff for next Saturday's crop and went from there. There's orange in the colour swatch not red so I have used a little artistic licence.

You're possibly wondering where the first two assignments are? The first assignment needed an enlargement which I've ordered from Snapfish which I want to do first.

Joanne has done a fabulous job of putting together mystery kits for next Saturday. I've added some fibres and stickers to each bag and they're ready to go. Just need to sort photos next. Fiona and Elizabeth have also agreed to come and be prize girls again which they thoroughly enjoyed last time.

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