Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Enjoying just doing

After particpating in LOAD last month (more photos to follow) and finishing Eisteddfod work, I am enjoying just doing whatever I want. Yesterday I finished work on the WI anniversary book which had been put to the side during February, so the rest of the day was my own.

I decided to make up some pinwheel blocks for a Quilt a Long on Rachel Griffith's blog I picked out some black and whites and added some reds and greys and this is a picture of the first two lessons. I think I'll look out some more white with hints of black when I'm at the Stitch & Craft expo at Olympia in 18 days time.

Today's a bit busy with a doctor's appointment, sax lesson, funeral and meeting Matthew's teachers tonight, so I think the first job is to finish the ironing and then I need to get out some fabrics to plan for one of the two workshops we're doing in April.I'll start with the easiest one first.

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