Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gogo Friday

My spending started at the airport where I purchased a new handbag which I'd looked at the previous weekend. I also led Liz astray!!

Liz's Dad picked us up from the airport and we got to Theobolds Park in good time for the crop room to open at 6.30pm. Our places were marked with an iced Thorntons Easter egg each and a toothbrush and flannel promoting March 2011's pyjama party themed event. And yes I have booked. After a welcome from the Gogo team and our first round of bingogo, which Liz won , it was time for dinner, after which I completed one layout.

9pm and our first class with Lisa. A bit busy for my taste but ir worked well. We had been told to take a black and white photo but thought that as Matthew's blazer is black, that this colour photo would work and it did.

Time for bed now.

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Claire said...

love the new handbag and the pages you have created