Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gogo Sunday

Well some people were rudely awakened at 7am (really 6am with the hour change) by the fire alarm. I was one of those not in that area so slept blissfully on. I got up very tired and did nothing after breakfast until our sixth class. I may have gone into the shop for one last look!!

I was lucky that for class 6 with Lisa again I had the perfect photo from Bronte's recent party especially with Eleanor's pink outfit. This is a page done on an acrylic sheet with sharpies and some patterned paper.

Last class of the day was only an hour long with Vicki, Gogo's resident digi and hybrid expert. The kit included the printed cardstock for four single page layouts and four packs of embellies, and three printed alphabets and several pages of digital elements. I have finished two layouts and will keep the other two for a forthcoming crop in May.

Along with Chloe from Guernsey, Liz and I took a taxi back to Gatwick airport. We got there in very good time and A kindly got us back home early too after all the uncertainty of the previous two weeks as to whether BA would be running or cancelling the flight.

We're now looking forward to Gogo Take Shape in September here in Jersey, for which there are only four spaces left.

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