Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I know I should be packing but

The new fabrics I purchased with Claire at Stitch and Craft on Sunday were calling to me, so I made this week's pinwheels.

Added to the other four pairs of pinwheels it's looking lovely.

I am off to Scrapagogo on Friday but not sure when or how we're getting back at the moment as we had planned to come back with BA from Gatwick on Sunday night but may have to come back from Luton on Monday afternoon. We are trying to be patient and hope the strike blows over but it is difficult. Do I pack extra undies for Monday? AS always I'm planning to travel fairly light. My suitcase is mostly packed with Margaret's new Slice bag and card which gives me room for the return. An Artbin is already in my case which will be packing for my completed projects. Photos I hear you say. Ah yes that's the elephant in the room I've been avoiding. A school friend uploaded a photo of us in 1978 on a school trip to London so I may try and get a copy of that, but the main jobs for the rest of the day are:
1. Choose and order photos for the classes;
2. Make up four kits to take;
3. Pack my tools into an old ice cream container to save taking a tote.

My intentions are good but Jane has suggested lunch at plemont, so my packing will have to wait. Unfortunately that may mean my photos arrive after Friday and I have no-one to blame but myself.

I'll tell you more about my fun weekend with Claire once I've ordered my photos.

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Lorraine said...

love the pinwheels but you should really be packing and obtaining photos, otherwise what are you going to show and tell on Monday.