Sunday, December 07, 2008

Crafty Sunday

Whilst Matthew is at ATC, I've had some time to do some crafting which needs to get finished this week:
* First I sewed the borders onto a baby quilt for one of Nick's colleagues. We are going to a housewarming next Sunday so I have a deadline. No backing big enough to fit the quilt so:
* Dyed a backing to match the quilt, dyed four T-shirts that Elizabeth and Matthew are tie dyeing, overdyed a bag I've made for a challenge. The colour was described as burlesque red but in actual fact it's a gorgeous purple, which I hope works well as I didn't like the colours of the bag originally. I'm going to let them set until tomorrow as Turquoise takes 24 hours for best effect and I can wash all of the projects together. The bag is for our quilting lunch on Wednesday - so another deadline!!
* For WI (tomorrow night) we have a competition and I usually forget to do anything for it. This month it's a place card - for which I've made the attached stack of presents with a tag. I used the Cricut tags Bags and more cart - thanks Lorraine for the loan. the idea came from a video on leah Fung's blog - see sidebar

Nick has gone to collect Matthew so I'm just blogging and cooking lunch. Elizabeth is making the dessert. Matthew has a short Big band performance at the Opera House this afternoon, so I may quickly go and buy one last present and pick up some photos for next weekend's crop.

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