Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Last Blues Brothers post

Well at least for this year. The show was brilliant, I had no idea what to expect. A minor blip in that I hadn't made it clear to Joanne where the show was being held. She was at the Opera House and we were at Fort regent. Joanne made it to her seat with two minutes to spare, both amazing and worrying!!

The school band have been asked to perform again next year and also do four numbers. They have been renamed the Black Rhino Orchestra. They got a good write up in the local paper too. I would recommend seeing the show next year.

Time to get ready to go and see Beaulieu Year 6 sing at the Soup Kitchen in the Royal Square. Elizabeth has raging toothache despite having a temporary filling put in yesterday so is not in the best of moods. However I have an appointment for a proper filling for her with my dentist tomorrow. I don't think toothache and Caribbean islands would be a good mix.

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Lorraine said...

Matthew you are sooooo talented I can hear you practise from my house, well done you. You must be a proud Mum Sue.