Sunday, June 29, 2008

Where does the time go?

Since I last posted, we've had a a crop, been to London for the weekend and celebrated Elizabeth's birthday (this weekend).

I have had to admit that my digital camera has died and i have ordered a new camera from Amazon. Having decided I want a handbag sized camera but with a zoom, we headed into town. I sort of had this fixed idea that I wanted a Lumix and that I wasn't going to pay more than £180 - don't know where this figure came from. Guy in Fotosound didn't want me to buy the Lumix and wasn't going to budge on the £250 price. Sale lost there. Whilst M&E visited 101 toys, we popped into Jessops and the same camera was £230 - convinced that was a UK price, we treked to the camera shop in Colomberie - £220. Time for lunch and a trawl through Amazon. Yeah I got it for under my limit and it was despatched today.

Here are my gogogetaway challenge layouts plus one other I found on my desk. I will add photos to my other retreat layouts at this weekend's crop. the photos took two weeks to arrive from truprint so the initial enthusiasm to finish them has passed. however my new PictureMate has arrived and it's perfect and it's a Which bets buy which satisfies Nick.

See you on Saturday

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