Friday, November 16, 2012

JoJo's grandaddy blocks

JoJo made a call out to both the Bumble and Honey bees for a block she'd designed which started as a trip around the world block. I'd finished my November bee blocks and we are having December off so I said yes. This parcel arrived on Wednesday and I told JoJo I'd make my blocks as part of FNSI. In the end I couldn't resist and made two blocks with the grey background fabric  provided on Wednesday. It's then taken two days to start tidying my sewing room and discover the pack of Kona blues and greys in the place I thought they were but couldn't see on Wednesday and Thursday. So I have made five more blocks today as part of FNSI.

 So first of all I drew up a diagram of the block in QuiltAssistant as a visual for me, printed it off and scribbled down the cutting directions to remind me what I needed to cut.

You need to cut for each 10.5" (unfinished) block:
Background - Four 4.5" by 2.5" rectangles and four 2.5" squares
Fabric A - One 2.5" square
Fabrics B, C & D - four 2.5" squares

I was able to cut five blocks from one fat quarter of the Kona grey.

Then I lay out the pieces on my design boards see Lori holt's blog for instructions.

Then sew the pieces into five rows and press. I pressed open but to one side would also work, it's a personal preference.

Then back onto the design board before pinning and sewing the rows into the final block.

I admire the members of our bees who can combine an eclectic mix of fabrics so skillfully. I added the pink stripe to the fabric provided and the purple outside squares from some scraps from another project which will be revealed at the end of November. I hope my additions meet with Jo's approval.

I particularly like the white script and tape measure fabrics and can't wait to get these in the post tomorrow so JoJo can start putting the quilt together.


Jo Jo said...

Wow Sue! What superstar you are! I LOVE the blocks, they look gorgeous and a great tutorial to boot! Thank yo so much - I'm sending yo a big cyber hug x

Liz DandeliondD said...

What a sterling contribution.
Great tutorial too xxxx

Sue McPeak said...

I'm a Gal named Sue and a Quilter, too. So, I just had to stop by and say Hello and tell you how much I like your blocks and your blog. It is so fun to put together an eclectic mix of patterns and for them to come together so well. Great job!

Hope you will have a chance to stop by CollectInTexas Gal and see my post for's all about an Old Gal...she's a Featherweight!