Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bee in my Bonnet row one

I cut the remaining squares of fabric for row one of the row along last night. This meant it was a quick finish this morning as all the prep had been done.

So I have now finished Rows 1, 2 and 3 in the space of three days. I'm not sure which row to do next as I am still waiting for my bundles of fabric to arrive which I had planned to add to the fabric I've already used. Row 6 –  cups looks easy as it is only seven blocks to make and you can use a bigger print for the block.

Whilst waiting for my new fabric I think I will print out the instructions to the remaining four rows ready to go.

Jenny gave me this lovely box last Christmas. However I haven't decided until this morning what to put in it.

As I continue to tidy my workroom, I came across more Presencia threads. More than I can fit into my current storage box so I have moved them to this lovely box. Don't they look pretty. I see there are still a few spaces left in the box so perhaps I need to buy a few more.

Next job is ironing and then paying bills and reconcilling bank accounts and other thrilling jobs that I have put off for several weeks.

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