Thursday, November 01, 2012

Friday Night with Friends

Friday Night with Friends has been launched to add to your Friday night sewing experience. FNSI is very popular so Chryll has launched FNwF. Do come and join us at

The first event is tomorrow night. All I have to do on my Christmas mini is sew on some lace and affix the crystals I've ordered. What should I do tomorrow? Some stitchery, my Hugs tapestry, start the new project for Simply Solids? I should decide today and prep tomorrow morning.

I have to take back my low expectations for our darts evening. All of the Sirens Six did well. Three won through to the second round, Michelle and Chirstine got through to the third round and Christine was a runner up overall with medal and trophy.

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Cheryll said...

Thanks for sharing and spreading the word! :)