Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I completely changed my mind

Whilst surfing the net and quilter blogs, I came across a project which I could adapt for my Christmas" swap. I wasn't happy with the fabrics I was using for the vintage holiday inspired mini quilt so I made a decision to change my plans and adapt an Anni Downs Christmas project from 2011 and this is how I have got on so far. I was given a hot fix crystals wand for Christmas 2011, and this is the first time I've used it on a project. I'm pleased with my progress so far but I need first to order some more hot fix crystals in red to put on the end of each branch of the little Christmas tree under the house. I didn't have enough of anyone colour to complete the mini quilt today. I think I will make up the mini quilt tomorrow whilst Lizzie is celebrating Halloween with her friends. And then finish the mini quilt once the small crystals have arrived - hopefully by the weekend.

Tonight I'm out playing darts with some WI friends from Sirens. It should be quite a laugh as only one of us has ever played darts before. However we are making an attempt to participate in the island's W I events and so far have had mixed success. We came second in the quiz earlier this month, three trophies in the flower arranging competition and Michelle came first in the jam making competition not bad for a WI of only three years.

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