Thursday, October 25, 2012

Christmas swap

As I haven't made many of the calendar mini quilts for my lovely metalwork frame, I thought the mini Christmas swap might get me motivated over at I've just received my partner's name and I think traditional fabrics are in order.

I loved making my Vintage Holiday quilt so I'm thinking of a mini version. I've just drafted up something using Quilt Assistant. As I haven't participated in this swap before, I'm hoping that it's the right sort of thing. Oops just noticed that the third block should have a gold top, never mind, you get the idea.

I'll have to go and see what fabrics I have in the traditional colour ways. I have loads in the aqua and red vein which is my current preference but I may have destashed all of the more traditional fabrics. I'm itching to get cutting. If it's FNSI time tomorrow, I will start it so that I'm ready to post before the end of November.

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