Friday, August 08, 2014

August 2014 Bumbling Honeys block

The other Sue B handed Carol and I our packets of fabric goodness at the FQR retreat to save on postage. Clever girl. She was very kind to us and had cut everything out to make and an A and a B block for a "scrap vomit" quilt a la Quilt Monkey.

This block has a diamond in the centre of the black and turquoise which pulls the whole quilt together.

The alternate block is just random squares. Honestly my block is not as peculiarly shaped as it would appear in the photo.

Here they are together. By now they should be in Sue's mail box as I was able to make these before leaving for holiday.

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Nicole said...

Your blocks look great! Do you need more 2.5" squares? I am always looking to trade with more people, and I can swap probably 125 unique fabrics with no trouble.