Sunday, August 17, 2014

Rainbow log cabin blocks

Sorry to have been away so long on a two week cruise and then a few days at the Festival of Quilts and then caching around the West Midlands. I arrived home on Tuesday but have been licking my wounds as my right shoulder was so painful - even getting dressed
was excruciating.  So I've been resting up and it has improved with regular applications of a freezing gel given to me by Chris.
I have little to show from the last few weeks, but I am bee mama for the Siblings Together quilt group for August and I have received seven blocks already - some in person at the FoQ which was lovely and some in the post.
I am loving the rainbow look at the moment. Jojo was kind enough to let me know that the photo of the rainbow quilt I donated at this year's FQR in London was the most favourited photo of the event.  I was so chuffed. Here's a photo that I took of the quilt before going to retreat.


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the running hare said...

Hope your shoulder improves soon, it's miserable when you're in pain. The blocks so far look lovely, if you need any more let me know.