Sunday, July 05, 2015

Sunday Stash - mix tape and sock yarn again

I know more yarn purchases. What can I say, they're just so pretty. Only one purchase this week from Fondant Fibre again. And if you're tempted, there is a shop update every Monday evening at 7pm.

And first the little extras included by Deb. A sample of spangle in the colourway - Don't Mocha Me which has a very pretty gold thread, a lollipop which was delicious, a stitch marker - very useful and the cutest lip balm in a mix tape cassette. That takes me back. I will use the sample to start a sock blanket. Perhaps I might even find the right needles to start before my sock needles arrive.

I love pretty wrapping. Heightens the excitement,, even though you know that you bought it for yourself. But you don't know what I ordered, so I should move on to unwrapping it.

Aren't these pretty. The aqua is more green than I was expecting but I'm sure once my needles arrive and I actually start, that it will look very pretty knitted up.

And here are the labels in case you need to know!! I need to go out tomorrow and buy one more ball of yarn for my Cosy Blanket. I am six inches from finishing the last row. I have the wool for the edging so hope to finish it in the next two weeks. I am off to the Cotton Patch in just over a week's time - fortunately they don't stock wool. In preparation for my trip I have downloaded Art n Stitch onto a new laptop kindly loaned to me my Nick.

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Betty said...

Lovely yarns!
That tape cassette took me back, too