Monday, February 17, 2014


This is a biggie - over 80" square. Jane's fourth quilt? I have lost count. One quilt out, and Jane brought another three for me to quilt. AND she has quilted one herself. Jane needs to play some golf so that I can catch up. On Friday my DH told me that there were two quilts waiting for me. I didn't look at them as I assumed they belonged to Jane, even though she knew I wasn't in. Later in the evening, he revealed that no they weren't from Jane. So that makes six customer quilts waiting. Panic.
Jane 's quilt for Issie which is her own design, was quilted with the design running from bottom to top as it's a pantograph called Tickle, which I call splash as it looks like water splashes which I thought were perfect for this quilt. The Tula Pink strips of blue with a sprinkling of fishes is perfect for this quilt.
Today, as well as an afternoon playing canasta and a Guild meeting tonight, I need to finish another customer quilt and find the fabric I need to finish my own quilt for the Eisteddfod which need to be finished by next Wednesday.

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QuiltCandy said...

You are busy! I love that quilting design and the quilt is gorgeous too.