Saturday, February 15, 2014

Quilty fun - leaves

I cut these out on Thursday during the 90 minutes Lizzie was at school and Jane's quilt was being quilted by the long arm. Jane's quilt is still waiting to be finished due to a busy Friday helping collect in the 800 Eisteddfod forms for the needlework section. I also waited impatiently for Matthew to arrive at the airport but in the end he was delayed 3 hours and went straight from the airport to air cadets.

Plans for the day including buying a waterproof jacket for Lizzie for her Duke of Edinburgh silver practice hike next weekend, a game of canasta this afternoon and a bit of sewing at some point. I wonder if I can persuade Nick we should eat out this evening so I don't have to cook?

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Createology said...

Lovely little leaves. Creative Stitching Bliss...