Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I have always been amazed when quilters admit they have piles of projects awaiting binding as to me that is the end of another project and I can start a new one. How is it then that I have a pile of such projects. The Easter mini quilt - not a big job, the social tote which I made on Sunday for the Sewing Room swap and the Scrappy Trip around the world. There's also the sewing machine cover which I had almost finished and then tried it on my machine and realised how small it was despite following the pattern. That has been discarded somewhere.

My daughter is ill today and asleep so I can't start up my long arm to quilt Jane's quilt, so I guess it's time to do some binding.

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Catrin Lewis said...

Oh how I love binding! Not because it's the end of a project, I just love binding!