Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lots of little jobs

Tuesday was virtually a bust as far as getting any sewing time as I had lots of little jobs to accomplish out and about as well as lunch and a bit of geocaching with a couple from Guernsey.

My first job was to pick up some haberdashery to complete two projects. I picked up some buttons to cover as well as some pins. The pins are to make some lettering pins which I was inspired to make yesterday morning. Let me explain. I was distracted from putting together my star top by the publishing of week 1 of the Deckade the Halls Sew Along by Fat Quarter Shop. In the video they mention these row marking safety pins. I don't need to place an order at the moment so my mind wandered to how I could come up with something similar. So armed with some pins, alphabet beads and glossy accents, I made my own set.
Then finding I had two more full sets of 26 letters, I needed more pins to make some more to giveaway at a later date. When I eventually got home, I covered a button to complete my Patchwork Please pin cushion for which I used some linen which Lucie Summers screen printed and which came in a scrap pack. The other fabrics I used are Aneela Hoey Sew Stitchy and a line by Lori Holt.
Looking back I'm not sure what I achieved otherwise yesterday - I dropped our passport applications into the passport office and they'll be ready on Friday as I paid for the express service, I dropped a birthday card to my niece, Fiona, and failed miserably at the bank as it seems we completed a bank mandate incorrectly for WI and we only now have two signatories. Another job to add to the list. I also made two visits to one of the kitchen designers we're working with to design a new kitchen. Today I hope to finish my FQS gingerbread men to share with you tomorrow.

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