Saturday, May 18, 2013

Blazing star

I started and finished two stars as planned yesterday evening, though I wasted some precious fabric as I'd labelled the die wrongly and cut the wrong pieces from the wrong fabric. Sigh. More fabric scraps to donate to Astra. Eventually I had the right pieces, then some got sewn the wrong way and had me scratching my head and abandoning my sewing for a while.

Eventually I got my brain in gear and the stars came together very quickly. The points are almost perfect and that's good enough for me. A successful FNSI.

Handmade by Heidi

I won't be going to craft club today as we have some appointments with kitchen designers to view their plans. However yesterday I was out geocaching with a friend and we happened upon a kitchen designer that I'd forgotten about, he came around three hours later to measure up and is already working on our design. I'm hoping what he comes up with is good as we already feel he may be the one for us. The clincher was that during installation he visits every day to check on the work and no-one else has said that to us.
Thank you to WI friend, Michelle for texting and e-mailing me to let me know of a double duty cake stand she'd seen and it had 20% off. I'm not sure my husband sees why it's different to any other cake stand, but never mind.
 And Michelle, you can tell your son that I don't think it's a good idea to shave his head for charity!!


QuiltCandy said...

What lovely stars! Such gorgeous fabrics. And you can never have too many cake stands, or cakes for that matter!

the running hare said...

Lovely stars Sue! Are you going to bring the finished quilt in July or will you have too many to carry?