Friday, May 10, 2013

3D flying geese

I learnt the technique to make these 3D flying geese units over ten years ago and they immediately sprang to mind when Siobhan asked for flying geese blocks for May for her month as Bee Mama. So I started with a simple block of identical units so as to work out the maths. Success, however I realised later that I could have eliminated four seams with more careful planning.

FQR kinky bee May block one of two
Next I had a go at a more liberated approach by doing geese of varying sizes and positions along each row. The block didn't quite get to 12.5" square as I literally ran out of fabric. I'm sure Siobhan can add a strip to the top or bottom to suit her layout. This is going to be an interesting quilt when completed.
  FQR honey bee block May 2 of 2 3D flying geese

So my Bee commitments for May are finished which is great. Tomorrow I'll machine the binding onto the Perkiomen quilt and if I can resist long enough I'll take it to my Guild in a week's time to work on during the demonstrations. I'd better check I'm not down to teach a demo though.

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