Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fresh as a daisy

This quilt that Lorraine started several years ago is as fresh as a daisy with its yellow and blue fabrics. We chose to use a white thread so as to not overwhelm the stars and picked up the star motif which is also in one of the fabrics in the quilting motif of stars and meandering.
Just finished. A lovely fresh quilt pieced by Lorraine B
I hope Lorraine is pleased with how it turned out. It is now trimmed and ready for her to collect. Lorraine was lucky enough to win a gift certificate for quilting services at our Guild AGM so no invoice to raise for this job. I have a craft crop penned in for Saturday but I have no idea what to take with me. No one else sews so I want to be fairly quiet but I don't want to do prep all day.


QuiltCandy said...

Wow what a beautiful quilt and the quilting is gorgeous.

Smultronbo said...

Thats a beautiful summer quilt in my eye. So fresh in its colors. Well done and thanks for sharing.