Tuesday, December 04, 2012

In Blogland

I found a couple of interesting blogs whilst participating in Lily's Quilts small blog meet last week and I wanted to mention a couple of other blogs you may not have found yet.

The first blog I came across was Sarah's Quilt Candy blog. I was surprised to find that Sarah lives in Jersey and is friends with Liz Dandelion. I hope we get to meet in the New Year after Sarah's trip to South America.

Shanna left me a comment and suggested I install the Google Friend Connect button. I eventually managed it after getting distracted by Google +. Thanks shanna for the suggestion

A blog that I read every morning is Quilterblogs.com which is a list of posts from blogs all over the world. Mine is one of them and so is Lily's above. It's a great way to keep up with news without having to click lots of links.

And lastly the Weestitches blog, which as you know is a current addiction.

Time to go to the dentist or I will be late and you know I hate being late.

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