Sunday, December 23, 2012

Are we ready?

Almost. We survived the long queue for our turkey and bought everything we wanted from Waitrose apart from little gem lettuce, mince pies, submarine rolls, and selection boxes. Nick has promised to go out tomorrow and buy the rest as well as presents for me!!

I plan to sew tomorrow what Nick shops. I don't think we'll have a tree skirt for Xmas day. But today I have made seven recyclable money / voucher wallets.

I saw something online over the last couple of days which used sticky back plastic. Yesterday I purchased some Bondaweb and have sandwiched two different red fabrics together. Then I cut out a 7 x 9" rectangle with a triangle on the top which was two and a half inches from the top of the rectangle.

Then I pressed the flap of the envelope down with the iron and then brought the base of the rectangle up to meet the flap.

Once pressed I sewed the two sides down, however for the poppy wallets I started on the right hand side sewed down turned round and then went back up and then sewed a quarter inch seam around the wallet flap and down the other side.

A decoration was stuck or sewn to the flap of the wallet and then a Velcro dot stuck under the button to secure the wallet.

These are perfect for using for giving, money, vouchers, CDs and DVDs and then you can recycle them another time.

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