Sunday, December 02, 2012

Advent calendar

For day one of advent, as well as chocolate, Lizzie received a Big Bank Theory cross stitch chart. It would have been a nicer gift had the threads arrived in time, but we do have white, black and flesh to get her started.

For day two I have made this needle case with the Paul cross stitch, some denim from Michelle and some felt.

I have put a piece of ribbon on the outside to hang something from it. On the inside I used felt as the backing to the denim and for an insert to store needles. I pinked the edges as the denim was too thick to stitch and turn inside out.

A busy day for Lizzie tomorrow with a dance show dress rehearsal and a nativity rehearsal. A chance for me to do some sewing I hope. I am halfway through another row along row of leaves and I should continue my Farmer's Wife.

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