Thursday, May 14, 2015

Kaffe ST quilt progress

When I went to load the quilt on the machine, I found it was smaller than I had expected. Hmm, I hadn't added the final border. Back to the sewing machine. Now it's on the machine and I'm trying out some ruler work. A piano key border and orange peel pattern in the middle. I realise that I need to change the open toed foot to an enclosed foot, but first I have to find it. The quilting isn't perfect and some parts will need to be unpicked as the tension is atrocious, but a charity quilt is perfectly suited for practising on.

I've started allocating myself six tasks to do each day and I mark off which days are a win, when all six tasks have been achieved. This week hasn't been full of wins, but making the binding for this quilt was one of today's tasks and it's now done ready for when the quilt is finished.
Quilters are going great guns and I will have three more to add to this total by the end of next week. The labels have arrived so they need to be sewn on.

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