Friday, May 29, 2015

Farm Girl Friday - Churn Dash and Cool threads

Week 5 already and I now have ten blocks as I made two can blocks last week. This week is the traditional churn dash as well as cotton reels. I made the cotton reels as a 12" block but I've just realised that I can unpick them into four 6" blocks if I end up with too few smaller blocks.

The cotton reels is a mix of some of my favourite prints - Pearl bracelets, bike tracks, flurry and others I don't know the names of by Katy Jones and V & Co.

This is a 6" block on a Carolyn Freidlander background with some Moda dots and Cotton & Steel. I really like this block, it's turned out well.

And my blocks so far. I think I've got a good spread of colours so far, but need to make another 6" block next week.

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