Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cosy blanket - time to tidy up

I have been lazy and not sewn in any ends on this blanket I've been crocheting. I incurred a sports injury on Monday night which my physiotherapist says is a category 1 to 2 tear in my calf muscle. No exercise apart from walking for 4 to 6 weeks. Shame no burpies. I know you want to know what I was doing - we were about 2 minutes into an exercise class and not going for the burn yet and something went awry. Adam thought it would just be a strain, but I  felt it was more and he had a cancellation yesterday afternoon so I jumped at it. Or I would have jumped if I could, just walking down the stairs is a challenge.

Jane gave me permission to put my feet up and crochet the day away so I did. I think I'm about half done, so today it's time to start sewing in those ends. Lucy at Attic24 gives great instructions on how to sew them in which is a boon for novices like me.

So at each colour change I'm sewing in at least five ends and it's starting to look much tidier and less like a fringe. I don't want to spend an entire evening just sewing in ends, so I'll crochet a row and then sew in some ends, repeat until finished.

Most of my wool came from Black Sheep Wools but they were out of stock of a few colours so I also ordered from Wool Warehouse and I love these giant organza bags that they pack the wool in. So useful to transport your project and protect it.

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