Thursday, March 21, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Yesterday was a mixed day. I got lots of small jobs done, all of the Chez Soi quilts were delivered to their owner, the STATW backing is done and my ironing is up to date. However after a busy morning I cam home and vegetated for the most part. I hope I'm not coming down with a bug, I definitely don't want to miss Saturday's workshop. I also e-mailed all of the ladies that we met at Denman from other WIs and received several lovely replies and photos. I also received an e-mail asking me not to e-mail someone, but she gave me her e-mail address voluntarily. Never mind, I've e-mailed an apology and will move on but just a little mystified.

I didn't manage to clear my sewing table but I've already made a start this morning, making up packets of 14 sets of twelve 18" by 2.5" scrap strips. These are for the Fat Quarterly retreat in July but it's good to get them ready and I've cut up fabrics from my pile that I no longer like so it's also a tidying and destashing exercise.

So today I aim to:
  • Finish the packets of scrap strips
  • Clear my sewing table
  • Sandwich and start quilting my STATW for the Chez Soi challenge
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PippaP said...

im going to start doing that for the strip swop, I'm cutting on the sizzix for binding and thinking I'm sure theres 18" there. Can we put solids in too or just patterns, must pop in some of my lime green sketch lol

Schulz Family said...

visiting from WIP wednesday. The block you are showing looks great. You have certainly completed a lot of cutting