Monday, March 18, 2013

Expert procrastinator

Now to remind myself what I should have been working on this week:
Liz's jelly roll quilt needs to be quilted and returned to her - it's now half done
Scrappy trip around the world for our guild challenge - doesn't have to be finished until December but Sarah and I are going to have our own mini show and tell at the Lu Summers' workshop on Saturday - insert excited dance.
So what did I actually do this week? I started and finished two projects, the cupcake pennant whose deadline is this Friday and my project for the "Shake your Pom Poms" blog hop at the end of April. Have I even started my project for March's blog hop - that would be a no.
My scrappy trip around the world top was already finished. I zigzagged some wadding together as ultimately this is going to be a charity quilt, then I set about piecing a backing. I started with the green homespun which was neither wide enough nor long enough and added in some strips, and voila finished. Oops no, back to the drawing board, it's still too short. Sigh. That was Saturday's accomplishments.

I've done a bit more on the frames of the Spring Sampler. They are mostly finished and will be quicker to work on now that the main structure is done and I won't get to the end of a square and find I'm one thread short as this is worked over two threads of linen and the weft and warp threads are sometimes irregular. and I still can't get a decent representation of the colour of the linen which is a lavender grey. 

Give me a drum roll, what I mainly spent my time doing was organising my DMC threads. No it didn't need to be done, but boy does it look pretty. The downside is my two biggest jobs still need to be done but are slightly closer to being finished. Now I wonder if Lizzie could be bribed to go and buy me some more cards to finish the job?
The Eisteddfod has now finished, but tonight Caesarea Quilters put on a show at their monthly meeting and members vote for their favourite piece and favourite novice piece. So I still have the job of unloading 60 pieces from my car and setting them up with Janet's help and numbering them in the same order as the voting sheet which is almost finished by Jenny. Then on Wednesday, I load the 40 Chez Soi entries into my car for our annual photo shoot at our Wednesday morning meeting. I hope someone helps me unload them. At the moment they're sitting in the lounge.

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QuiltCandy said...

Well I am very excited about Saturday too, and can't wait to see your scrappy trip quilt. No pressure if you don't finish though you've a lot on your plate! Love your box of threads, I love my box too, so pretty and colourful. Have a good week admiring all those wonderful quilts :-)

Angela Bullard said...

Your green and pink really stand out against that color of background. I ended up going with a sand with metallic gold weaved through. We'll see how that turns out :)

✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

Expert procrastinator...I guess I am too! Your flosses do look great organized:) Sometimes when I am on a sewing deadline I just HAVE to vacuum my sewing room before I can start sewing!

So do you have a cat or are just allergic to them? Thanks for linking up!