Monday, March 25, 2013

Liberty Love

Sarah lent me her copy of Liberty Love yesterday and I was prepared not to like it as I find the patterns too busy and the weight of the fabrics too light. However there is plenty of information and inspiration in the book for quilters and sewers alike. The Liberty fabrics have been combined with many of the modern fabrics I love and also the variations of the Marcelle medallion quilts online are amazing.


The book is available at Amazon for about £20. If all you want the book for is the Marcelle Medallion, try and track down on of the elusive copies of Love Quilting and Patchwork. I'm sure you'd like to know what's in the book before you commit your hard earned money - there are 25 projects including nine quilts, six garments and six accessories. But first of all there are several pages of notes - I had no idea Tana Lawn was 54" wide for example. The author writes that her usual choice of thread for most sewing is polyester all purpose whereas many quilters avoid polyester thread. It comes down to personal choice. I'd always assumed a bodkin was a large needle but the photograph in the book of tools and supplies proves me wrong.
The first quilt in the book is a little disappointing as it's a 36" nine patch. Described as "uncomplicated" - you're not kidding - but I guess the book caters for all skill levels and we all have to start somewhere. If you've not combined different weight fabrics before, it's a good place to start, but I prefer the sixteen patch postage stamp baby quilt which follows. The busyness of the Liberty fabrics is beautifully offset by the spotty fabric they're combined with. You know I like most spotty fabrics so that will come as no surprise. :)
Then the quilt patterns step up a notch with a scalloped applique and curved piecing. I like the look of the Good night fairy tale quilt would think it would look nicer with fewer seams, using applique or even use the porthole technique for a better result. I like most of the quilt patterns and if like me you aren't a Liberty lover, you may even become a convert or see the possibilities of the patterns in other fabrics. I do like the whole quilt that Film in the Fridge has made from the plus sign border of the Marcelle Medallion. Perhaps that's an idea to add to my Bee in My Bonnet row along. Hmmm.
Linking up to Simply Miss Luella who coincidentally has a Liberty project featured today.
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Deborah said...

What a great review! I just got my new Liberty book and I love it! I'm thinking about making a spool wall hanging!

Britt G. said...

What a helpful review - I've been debating about wether to get the Liberty Love book because I notice everyone really does seem to be the most impressed with the Medallion quilt, which like you said is in the other publication. Thoughts to ponder when in the bookstores today!