Friday, March 15, 2013

Bunting for WI competition

Bunting for WI competition by libertyjsy
Bunting for WI competition, a photo by libertyjsy on Flickr.

Insipired by Victoria and Heidi who were starting their bunting during the three day snow break, I started this item early this morning. A quick trip to Lorraine who cut a cup cake and stand on her Cricut at 6". I used the negative of the stand to stencil it onto the white background fabric with a silver paint dabber. It's been a long time since I've been in the box of paints and surprise, surprise, this one had never been used.

I appliequed the cupcake with matching threads and dismissed several of my initial ideas including adding a lace trim to the cake stand, crystals to the stand and quilting words in the background, so I managed to get it finished early this afternoon. Then I had to unpick the overpowering coloured buttons and substitute the off white buttons which is much more pleasing to me.

Not bad as the deadline is next Friday. I still have Liz's quilt to finish, two projects for a blog hop, the first of which I may start tonight and the chalnnege scrappy trip around the world so that Sarah and I can have a mini show and tell of our own at the Lu Summers' workshop next Saturday, we're already giddy with excitement.

Via Flickr:
Second version as in first version I used multcoloured large buttons and it drew your eye away from the cake.

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