Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wood land sampler frames

On Friday we had a snow day. That in my mind gave me carte blanche to start the woodland sampler. My threads arrived on Friday so I was ready to start. Stitching in front of the fire was exactly what I needed. We did go for a walk into Swiss valley which we do every time that it snows. Lots of children were playing on the fields which are sloped and perfect for sledging.

I have never stitched on to linen so this was a new technique for me where you have to count two threads in both directions. I made a mistake on the first deer which I unpicked. Then I decided to get most of the frames finished. Each of the frames have at least one of the two sides of the cross stitch done but I am now about to run out of that thread.

There are 13 frames in total and 8 are completely finished. I now need to buy some more of thread 782, bind the linen so that it doesn't fray any more, finish the frames, and do the January stitching.

First I need to get on with quilting one of about eight quilts waiting for my machine to return. My machine returned on Thursday and Friday we were able to get it back on the frame and working. This is my priority for this week.

I may also have purchased a Valentine geek stitchery pattern for my little geek. This will have to wait until February as I am busy with Eisteddfod work and client quilting.

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