Wednesday, January 30, 2013

CQ UFO day

Last weekend we held a UFO weekend for Caesarea Quilters members to  work on UFOs. Usually we just meet on the last Sunday of the month. However if we then enter the piece we've worked on into the local Eisteddfod, we get a voucher for our next UFO day free. I took my ruby hopscotch quilt to work on and also the binding to be cut and stitched into a long length. Just making the binding for the Ruby Hopscotch and my Farmer's Wife quilt took almost two hours. Too much time chatting, catching up and admiring other people's work, I think. I do now have enough binding wound on my large vintage bobbin ready to go later in the week by when I should have finished the straight line quilting.

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doris batting said...

I fancy a vintage bobbin!