Monday, January 14, 2013

Japanese X + O blocks

I had not heard of this block until Carol asked the Honey Bees to make some blocks in November. They are seriously addictive and quick to make, so I made five blocks for Carol from the fabrics she sent. She gave us Oakshott reds for the centres, so inspired by Carol, I'm sending different reds for the centres and a range of greys for the background and asking ladies to use stash for the corner blocks.

Here's a mock up that I've created using Quiltassistant.

Eight 2.5" squares of background grey
Two 2.5" squares of red
One 6.5" x 2.5" rectangle of red
Four assorted 4.5" squares - please use your stash
Four assorted 2.5" squares - please use your stash

 On the eight background squares mark a diagonal line from two opposite corners on the reverse of the fabric. Place on two opposite corners of each assorted 4.5" square and sew one thread width away from the line towards the corner. Press to the corner, trim away the excess fabric from behind.

Sew two 2.5"squares to each end of the red rectangle. Press open. Join an assorted colour and a red 2.5" square. Press open, repeat once more. Then using the diagram above join the units. Pressing seams open.

I have realised my solids stash is seriously lacking greens, turquoises and pinks so I may have to do a little stash shopping again at the Village Haberdashery. Hopefully my order will arrive today so that I can post out fabrics tomorrow.


PippaP said...

we've made them for our sew euro bee an bee for Nicole this month and Katy @imagingermonkey is starting a IG quilt a long of them....
they look yummy all together :)

heart of charnwood said...

These look pretty straighforward, and are very effective, so it's 2 of these for you right? Looking forward to getting the fabric now, and it's great to be able to see what other colours look like, for next time I am trying to order for other projects. For the corner blocks from stash, do you have a particular colour range in mind, or would you just like 4 different ones? : )

Patricia said...

Wow I can't wait to make this one. it looks easy enough even for me. Now all I have to do is stop feeling sorry for myself and clean my sewing room so I can get into it. This feel sorry for myself is a new one for me. Never mind I'll get over it well in time to sew your block.

Flying Blind... said...

Thanks Sue - NB you are a No Reply Blogger, so I couldn't reply x

Patricia said...

I sent yours off today with extra fabric. No note though but name on the back if package. My handwriting sucks and you wouldn't be able to understand it. Heck I can't even understand it. Takes all my time and concentration just to sign my name now. Ran out if ink for the printer too but wanted to get them off to you.
Patti xxx